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Black tektite meteorite perfect Rods stone original rough charm space rock 


100% Natural meteorite tektite

Is a lucky stone and protection


Condition : New

Stone Type : 
Indochinite Tektite, Thailandite

Shape : Perfect Rods

Weight : 
16 g

Size :  1.9"

Quantity :  1

Color :  Natural Black

Origin :  Northeast , Thailand


Tektites are
natural objects, which have been formed by the impact of large meteorites on
Earth's surface. Tektites are among the "driest" rocks. They appear
black, but when held up to the light, you can sometimes see a golden tint in
translucent areas around the edges. Its slightly worn surface is pitted with
tiny aerodynamic holes. Thailand tektites are known as “Indochinite” which have
been shown by K-Ar radiometric age dating to be approximately 700,000 years
old. Scientists believe that the tektite's origin is the result of meteorite
impact on either terrestial or lunar rocks. The tektites then formed when
molten rock, created by the meteorite's hyper-velocity impact, flew through the
air hardening into natural glass with aerodynamic forms and surface features.
Beautiful, black, shiny, and well formed might all be descriptive words that
apply very well to the splash form tektites found in Thailand. Dumbbells, Waterdrop,
Teardrops, Ball, Rods, Patties, Spheres, and all the various in between forms
are found in this region of the Indochinite strewnfield Thailand received a
good portion of that material.. Not large numbers of new specimens are being
made available from Thailand so very high quality older supplies show how
really nice this material is. The surface texture is rich with bright shiny
cups and pits. The surfaces show the twisting of the molten glass in visible
surface flow lines. The ever present bald spot is generally found on all larger
splash form tektites and that is the case with Thailand splash forms as well.

Tektites are healing stones that help protect the aura against negative alien
interference, help in removing negative energy implants, protect energy; help
in grounding into Earth reality, bring safety and security, evokes positive
help from non-Earth sources, makes one a channel for extraterrestrial help for
the planet, assists one in attaining knowledge and learning lessons throughout
the travels of life, balances the feminine/masculine, provides insight,
strengthens one's energy field and can stimulate thought transmissions. With
the tektites’ ability to absorb the energy around them, people use them as the
sacred amulet stone, people wear them as the protection stone.

          Discovery: Indochinite
Tektite or Thailandite has had been the tektites; it almost found in Thailand
Northeast until to Lao and also Vietnam area. But these tektites found in
Thailand which it has unique, format, a variety of skin; that has much more
collection. A variety of discovery in the paddy field, watercourse, and
underground; it easy to found after rainy as during practice agriculture, after
dig and plow the paddy field.

Rock of Luck Magical in
itself "Tektite or Shining stars " give luck to the possessor.
Protect you, black magic, fire and disaster.

Meteorites are the
object of meteorites that crash into Earth. There are many names such as
Ummanee glass, rice gemstone, Chanasorn or Chanel, Mahanin, black glass, blue
water drop, or blue mannequin. And aliens. Tektite is derived from the Greek
term Tektos.

Tektite properties

The meteorite is a lucky
stone for those who have it. It can also. Use it to protect your black magic.
Ghosts do not interfere with it. The object of the phenomenon. Energy is huge.
It may be called as active. When it comes to the correct process. Thus it can
dissipate negative energy. The bad thing is that it is black. So it can Attract
great power, and also promote (give) positive energy to other objects to be
more powerful as well. It is a superior object to any other object in the
world. The good news for the occupants. It also promotes a prosperous life.
Enhance the charm to encourage others respect. Call it bad back. I can say

A source of power
Promote awareness Accurate recognition. Insightful if used when practicing

To carry with It will
increase the power around the aura. Make a strong aura, protect, and evict the
invaders. Eliminate bad things.

It is believed that the
collection of stars in the home. Will help prevent fire. And disaster.

In some texts said. If
you worship with black and black rice. The power is very good and very high.

Boosting the chakra.

Putting the luster on
the chakra 6 while meditating It will help to create real
knowledge in the truth of nature. Knowledge and creativity.

If placed in a chakra 4 or pendant necklace to help relieve symptoms of mental

Shining stars on the
chakra 5 Can communicate with spirits. Should be used with
natural crystal. At the seven-pointed tip.

Black is a glass cube.

The power of secularism
has its own world.

Tektite is a traveling
companion. It takes us to the place where we are and brings us back.

Ownership will be
fostered. And the favor of the meteorites.

Reminds the sweet memory
in life.

It is believed that when
kept in the home. It will help prevent fire. Or disaster.

Satienshop : We
recommend Black Tektite Perfect
Rods Thailand charm meteorite.
Can be taken to protect the protection against bad things. Happy and
lucky. Have a great time. Or will be collected.

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