Blue Refractor Telescope

If you are new to being a telescope owner or if you are considering making your own, then you will want to know all you can about telescopes and how they work.  This article will give you a quick guide to understanding how telescopes work.  It is important to know that every telescope pretty much works in the same manner.  They all use light to focus on a particular point where you use a microscope to bring the image into focus for the person to see. When it comes to the different types of telescopes, you will find that there are actually 3 types to choose from.

Your choices in telescopes consist of the following types: one that is known as a reflector, which uses a mirror that is curved and placed at the lower part of the tube.  The image is then reflected to a flat mirror that is at an angle, which then projects the image to your eye.  The next choice would be a mirror-lens.  This can also be called a Catadioptric telescope.  This type will use both lenses and mirrors making these telescopes the most advanced telescopes.  You can use this for both astronomical and land viewing.  Many people like these as they can found in compact designs to make use of them very simple and effective.  The final choice would be the refractor telescopes.  These are most common with people that are just starting out with using telescopes.  This is a long tube that will have an eyepiece on one end and on the other end, you will find a lens, nothing fancy.  This type works by taking the light and refracting it so that it bends and comes into focus. 

You may find that some telescopes will use what is called a curved lens that will actually bend the beams of light where other types of telescopes will use curved mirrors.  Now let's go over the basic parts and types of telescopes so you will have a good understanding of this wondrous tool.  The optical element of the telescope is the mirror or lens and this is known as the aperture of the telescope.  If you are looking for images that are sharper or brighter then you will want to go with a telescope that has a larger aperture.  The size of the aperture is what you will look for when looking for a powerful telescope.  

No matter whether you are new to using a telescope or just trying to understand them a little better, the information above can help you get a better feeling for how they work. This will help you to make an educated choice when trying to decide which type of telescope you will want to go with. You will want to take into consideration what you will be using the scope for as this will help you make the best choice for your viewing pleasure.

Article by Kirby Yardley
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I want to buy my son a telescope?

My son is 7 and he wants a telescope for Christmas. My wife and I don't want to buy anthing really expensive because were not sure if he'll really use it all that much.
The problem is that I know absolutely nothing about what is "good" when it comes to telescopes especially in regards to the magnification. (He really wants to look into space at the stars and moon.) Is this good enough?

Here is the link to the one on Ebay I might buy:

It's only $43. Is this a good one for a 7 year old?

it's awful for anybody, of any age.

buying on ebay is bad news. telescopes with 0.965" focusers are bad news. the mount is wobbly. the aperture is too small. it's sold by magnification (bad!). it's junk.

binoculars and/or some star charts would be a far better investment.

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