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Brandon 1.25" Eyepiece with Rubber Eyecup

Brandon eyepieces, made by Vernonscope in the USA, are noted for their exceptional contrast and extremely dark background, two reasons why Questar Corporation has been including them with their telescopes since 1971. 

All Brandon eyepieces are parfocal.

The famous Brandon oculars incorporate the original optical designs of Chester Brandon and are acclaimed by leading astronomers as unquestionably the finest oculars in the world.  In a test of many eyepieces, noted deep-sky observer, Ron Morales, rated Brandon eyepieces #1 for contrast which is perhaps the single most important characteristic for any eyepiece.

  • Effective focal length (EFL): 16mm
  • Apparent field of view (AFOV): 43 degrees, as calculated from the focal length and field stop diameter
  • Eye relief: about 16mm
  • Field stop diameter: 12mm
  • Weight: 1.6 oz
  • Dust cap included.

Save $100 over the the cost of a brand new one. This one is in good condition.

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