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New, Bresser Nt-150s with Exos-2 mount. Includes all in description.

Bresser - Messier reflector NT-150s EXOS 2

The combination of wide opening and a short focal length make this telescope to observe large celestial objects. Experience the sight of the famous globular cluster M13 in the constellation Hercules: thousands of needle-sharp stars are as embedded in a glistening black velvet cloth in your eye. Armed with mist filters you can admire also the famous Gulf of Mexico in the North America Nebula like all celestial objects, which has listed in his famous list Charles Messier in 1781. The compact design enables excellent portability, ease of use, large light gathering power and size very low weight. The look is suitable even for astrophotography. The reflector is very versatile and offers beginners and advanced light and high stability for very little money.

EXOS 2:The EXOS 2 is a stable mount with high capacity and precise tracking system for Visual observations and also astro-photography. Double radial deep groove ball bearings in both axes offer a precise running and optimized bearing of the RA axis can be chew game. In addition, this highly stable, precise processed mount allows an inexpensive entrance into astrophotography. Optionally, a powered two-axis control can be retrofitted.

  • Newton reflector of tube
  • 26 mm Super Plossl, integrated 1 1/4 "and T2 adapter
  • Adapter for 2 "eyepieces
  • Pipe clamps with Prism Rail
  • Handle and camera holder
  • 6x30 finderscope
  • Astronomy software Stellarium PC
  • Telescopic fibula
  • Equatorial EXOS 2 Mount with steel tripod

Specifications:Telescope type: Newton
Color: White
Opening: 150 mm
Focal ratio: f/5
Resolving power: 0,77 "
Border size: 12.7 mag
Max useful magnification: 300 X
Focuser: 2 "rack
Eyepiece connection: 1 1/4 ", 2"
Viewfinder: 6 x 30 Finder
Tub USD micrometres / length: 180 mm / 690 mm
Tubusgewicht: 5,5 kg
Accessories included: 26 mm Super Plossl, adapter 2 ", 1 1/4" and T2, pipe clamps with
Eyepieces: Super Plossl 26 mm
Mount type: Parallaktisch EXOS 2
Tracking: Manual
Weight of the mount: 11.2 kg without counterweight
Total weight: 20,2 kg

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