Bushnell Binoculars Digital

CIS- Bushnell 8x30 Digital Binoculars with a 2.1 MP Camera

So you know the deer or buck is out there. You have seen the signs that left behind. Then if you want to hunt it successfully without any frustration, you need a hunting rangefinder. It is a gadget that helps you become a good hunter.

How can you be a good hunter without knowing exactly how far your target is? So here the Cabela's CLR800 Range finder comes to help you.

Bushnells and Cabela together worked out and made this hunting rangefinder. Their aim is to provide a good hunting rangefinder for reasonable price.

Its advanced digital technology gets you accurate distance measure from 5 to 800 yards with 1-yd accuracy. So you can aim at your target confidently.

The Cabela's rangefinder maintains the same quality of measuring the distance even in bad weather. And in finding targets through brush or tall weeds.

Using the Cabela's CLR rangefinder is simple. The one-button operation saves your precious time and avoids confusion. And the fully coated optics deliver a bright, crisp field of view in dim light.

This hunting rangefinder measures 1.9" x 4.2" x 4.1" only. And weighs just 8 oz. So isn't it easy to carry and handle?

If it is still sounds incredible to you, read the reviews written on Epinions by Terry and Howard. They have been using this Cabela's range finder since long.

James says, "It's a wonderful gadget. I found the distance measurements accurate and consistent. I give this unit a good rating because it's well made (solid) and affordable to all."

Harrison says, "I think I can make it now- this is what I felt when I found this. I have gone home many times unsuccessful. Because it was a trial-and-error hunt. Now I enjoy the challenge. What a gadget to have!"

With these details, you can buy the Cabela's CLR rangefinder to be successful and rewarded.

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Does anyone have the binoculars that are also a digital camera?

I put this under outdoor stuff because I'd like to know if they work well when scoping in animals and taking pictures of them. I'm thinking of getting one of the Bushnell middle make/models.

Binoculars that have an integrated digital camera are great, especially because you can take automatic snapshots with great zoom. But I wouldn't recommend their use unless you don't care about the image quality. In my case, I would rather get a digital camera with good integrated glass, such as the Panasonic FZ50, that has a 12x zoom with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS).
BUT, if you don't really care much about image quality, and if you are in a tight budget, then I would recommend the following Bushnell binocular:


This binocular has a 2.1 MP integrated digital camera. If 2.1 megapixels are enough for you, then go for this model.

I do not own this binocular, so I don't know the specifics, but I've read the reviews and it looks good.

Hope this helps.

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