Bushnell Voyager

Bushnell telescopes are considered to be the best telescopes in the market today. Bushnell, with its expertise and years of experience in optics has come out with some great products which are not only suitable for amateur astronomers, but they are also well suited for professionals who prefer heavy duty telescopes to view stars over longer ranges.

One of the best product lines to be manufactured by Bushnell are the Voyager telescopes. Available in three different variants, these are available in reflector, refractor and compact variants. Each of these variants is designed to suit specific purposes and therefore, it is worth noting that you purchase one of these high end- high quality and high technology variants only after jotting down all your requirements and specifications.

The reflector Bushnell telescopes are based on light gathering technique and offer great magnification as compared to other brands in the optical industry. Boasting of eyepieces with dimensions of 5mm and 27mm, these are carved out of light weight and well balanced alloys and are also supplied with body straps, making them predominantly portable telescopes. The refractive models, on the other hand are more expensive and are heavier as well, but deliver the best quality in its class and therefore, are great for those who star gaze from static locations and don't need to carry their telescopes over a longer distant in order to get a clear view. Refractive models offer better magnification (up to 5 times better than other models) and are also considered to be better in terms of camera adaptability and auto focus features. Being camera adaptable is one of the most advanced features offered in Bushnell telescopes and therefore, telescopes manufactured by Bushnell are considered to be way ahead of the competition. Besides, they are aptly suited for a wide range of stargazers, from the casual and educationists to the professional astronomers, Bushnells are a hit with stargazers of every level.

There are so many brands in the market for Telescopes. It is always best to search for exclusive telescope website to read reviews, find best selling models on Meade, Tasco, Zhumell and Bushnell Telescopes. Celestron Telescopes also has lot of choices to choose from beginners to professional.

Which is a better telescope? 8'' Bushnell or a 6'' Celestron?

Out of the two which is a better all around telescope
6" Celestron StarHopper Dobsonian
8'' Bushnell Voyager Dobsonian

The 8" will gather more light and provide marginally better images. However it is the margins that divide "almost can see" from "can see just see". With an 8" I can see the Ring Nebula as a ring, with a 6" I have not been able to.

The 6" will probably be easier to get out and put away, so you will be more likely to get it out.

You probably want to consider whether you will be doing the setup solo or with help.

I have a Meade LXD55 SN8, I picked that one because it was the biggest scope I could handle alone. I decided against a Dobsonian as that would prevent using a camera; the image rotates without a equatorial mount. A camera provides about 2 magnitudes fainter objects and better color than with the eye. (but then you weren't asking regarding the mount).

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