A suspicious person in the security minute card I was stopped by simply police interrogation the police regarding police links photo is sent for the security of their face treatment photographs online compared to the results soon delivered the man wanted by means of fugitive Department of Community Security on-line. After over two months of working hard Face perception intelligent linkage system inside Lake freshly baked the system is now inside feasibility study will soon go into actual utilize.
New Perception Public Safety Technology Fangcheng construction projects last month 10 signed the contract China Mobile will certainly build 60 brand-new district capture greeting card port 698 sets of SD High-definition Monitoring System .michael .

With the November 2009 National Sensor Multilevel Information Center settled in Wuxi the city authorities to seize this unique opportunity to focus on analysis to improve the community from the application of dynamic sensor network management and also control. C114 reflector tripod I was well informed on 22 the idea declared perception of visitors perception of security perception Park seemed to be included in the city 9 sensor network demo project in development projects is now thoroughly start the construction function.
Security overall layout co-ordinating things networking applications development planning thematic content security networking software research demonstration assignments progress. Set up an exclusive team good corporation coordination promoting marketing and advertising. In the pre-launch Intelligent Transport Perimeter intrusion avoidance safe home networking applications such as products based on the project to discover sensor network Technologies In the police facts platform construction request the establishment connected with shared platforms support events sporting events and concentrate on security as well as other key places.
Social networking applications focus on endorsing public security make a difference Perception of traffic perception of security perception Park with 3 items. Intelligent Transport Internet of Issues demonstration projects emphasizing construction of about three systems- one cross Communicate Information series and dynamic direction system to achieve the visitors information collection and also processing dynamic targeted traffic guidance information creation and dynamic cleverness Navigation Information dissemination applications. Second sensible signal control and also bus priority indication system to facilitate the control method and the elevated freeway and tunnel manage systems networked control. 3rd Motor Vehicle Track process in the city primary road the main significance and export associated with motor vehicle accident-prone sections of course construction information variety point for the timely investigation and motor vehicle violations uncovered on time escaping traffic along with other cases related to automobiles to provide technical support.
Lakeside security awareness demonstration project is making three systems- video image quality as well as diagnosis the sensible card port assist system social areas of monitoring line of protection in monitoring system upgrading and clever video analysis method monitor the line in the social side checking and wide area network upgrades all-optical checking and warning program to achieve automatic diagnosis of suspicious goals automatically identify with your film active alert to detect stop and stop crimes by happening.
New New Perception community safety technical Fangcheng venture to build the key area of New Web of things way too Branch Park to the pilot building 4 systems- the intelligent infrastructure subsystem to discover and eliminate safety dangers intelligent transportation subsystems and sub-regional traffic conditions real-time accurate and effective data collection and search engine optimization of intervention easily handle emergencies traffic breakdown intelligent monitoring subsystem to enhance real-time monitoring of suspicious vehicles sensible home safely subsystem check home security automatic Text messages voice alarm.
Police force expand social means initiative and networking Wuxi Institute of consultation materials the establishment of cooperative relations and also invited the Academy of Experts have been built under construction in addition to building of Half-dozen units of Twenty two demonstration projects general public security networking apps matter to outline each review demo conduct special research projects joint R D security sensor engineering.
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