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Get the ultimate television and movie entertainment experience when you invest in the Samsung LN52B750: a digital, high definition, flat panel, LCD television set suitable for both the home and office. This device has a super slender, streamlined housing accented by Touch of Color™ features. The LN52B750 offers you a 240 Hertz refresh rate, a dynamic contrast equaling 150K to 1, and is a device equipped with truly remarkable features.

Portable, lightweight, and diverse, the Samsung LN52B750 is light enough to move from room to room or to mount to a selected wall. This HDTV has a height of 33 2/3 inches with its optional crystal neck swiveling base included, and a height of 31 1/4 inches without it. The depth of the LN52B8750 equals 12 inches when the stand is attached, and 3 1/5 inches when the stand is not used. The precise width of the LN52N750 is equal to 49 3/8 inches, and the device weights 56.4 pounds without the swivel stand and 67.5 pounds when the stand is utilized.

Display Properties:

  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Contrast Ratio: 150K:1, dynamic
  • Maximum Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Style: Flat Panel
  • Technology: LCD
  • Vertical Resolution: 1080p
  • Widescreen Display: 52 inches

What Is Included?

The Samsung LN52B750 has a clean-cut, compact, slender construction; this super trim set comes with a swivel stand, but the mounting brackets must be purchased separate from the device. A remote also comes with the purchase of a Samsung LN52B750, and a full owner's guide is offered for ease of installation. The consumer is not supplied with an embedded DVR system, and no media slots are incorporated into the Samsung LN52B750. However, this device does have a USB slot and while the set is not cable ready, it can be set up for cable connection with the appropriate supplemental cable box.

Product Capabilities:

The smart design of the Samsung LN52B750 might fool the consumer into thinking that very few features can exist in such a compact device. On the contrary, this HDTV is outfitted with a long list of remarkable capabilities which ultimately make the HDTV not only a fully functional work of art, but a device that is brimming with the latest HDTV technologies. Affixed inside the Samsung LN52B750 the consumer gets an embedded, super power HDTV tuner, Wide Color Enhancer 3™ features, a cold cathode fluorescent lamp, and 240 Hertz Auto Motion Plus™ technology. An ultra clear panel supplies the consumer with glare-free programming presentations; a 1080p vertical pixel resolution with progressive scanning ensures super crisp pixilation of ever hue and color, and the impressive aspect ratio delivers a one-of-a-kind, at-the-movies experience.

SRS TruSurround HD™ features are provided through two, inconspicuous 10 watt speakers housed at the bottommost edge of the HDTV set. This HDTV is ready to become the core of every and any entertainment center since it is equipped with superlative connectivity features including two 2.0 USB ports, a personal computer input, four HDMI inputs, two composite and two component inputs, an Ethernet connection, and an audio optical output too. Finally, Anynet Plus HDMI/CED functions allow the consumer to make connections with a whole host of digital devices: all of which can be fully controlled by the LN52B750's included infrared remote control.

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usb to serial software for telescope?

i have a meade etx-90 telescope with an rs232 interfase, my laptop does not have an rs232 port and i have a usb to serial cnverter cable but the software is so old that it does not work with usb, only serial, and it has to be connected to a com port, is there any software that would let me do this?

The software / driver that came with the USB to serial converter lead should do all that for you. When plugged in, the converter will become a COM port, possibly COM3, but you should be able to check this in the Device manager found via the control panel.

Once you know what COM port it is on, you then need to configure your telescope software to that COM port.

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