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Excellent condition, the best one
remaining in it class and legendary, It will work with 5”APO. Seldom come up for sale and won't get in this condition easily.

Carton made for Astro-Physics and used to sell this mount with their 5" APO. ( My friend uses with 6" APO and very smooth).

Carton has Carton label on the mount and the one made for AP doesn't have any label on it.

Carton mount comes counterweight boss attached to the side to use with CW.  I don't have that bracket but can be fabricated easily if need to install. (Carton mount is blue color finish, this color is very rare and won't see very frequently for sale)

Mount itself weighs around 4.8Kg, top plate measures 3-3/4" x
6-1/4" (95mm x160mm) and has several holes, some M6 and M8 threaded, others are unthreaded holes, more than enough for your need to attach any scope.

It features slow motion worm gear on both axes and 360 degrees rotatable, not a
tangent arm system that limits the slow motion controls to just a few degrees. Slo-mo handle is a bit short as I don't have long flexible handle in it's size (shaft is 7.5mm)

Similar to T-REX mount with much lesser cost. Built quality is typical Japanese quality and superb, see to believe.

Bottom plate can be removed (refer to 3rd last & 2nd last photo). This mount was used for huge finder in observatory and base is to attach on pier or saddle on main EQ mount. It can be attached to any pier. Buyer need adapter if it is used with tripod.

The last photo shows size comparison with Giro mount (Giro mount is NOT included in the sale)

After packing, weight will be 6 Kg and shipping will cost around $145. Buyer pays fixed rate $105.

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