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The Ultima 2000 8" SCT is a highly desireable computerized GoTo telescope with various unique features not offered before or since.

• It is made mostly from metal with very little plastic.

• Power is from eight AA batteries mounted in the base, so no external power is needed.

• It has adjustable slip clutches, allowing it to be moved via GoTo slewing using the motors or via moving it by grabbing it and pointing it by hand, all without losing its tracking and pointing accuracy.

• It has seperate internal tracking motors, slewing motors, and encoders.  One nice consequence of the sperate slewing motors is that it slews quickly without making loud grinding noises, as other GoTo scopes most often do. This makes it quieter so it doesn’t disturb your neighbors.

• The optics are excellent. It was a flagship model for Celestron when new.

• The secondary mirror is removable with the included "Fastar" system, allowing a camera adapter (not included) to be attached at the front for incredibly fast imaging at f/2.  You should be able to buy the Fastar adapter online.

I am the original owner.  The Y2K upgrade chip is installed.  This scope has resided fully assembled in my warm and dry living room for its entire life.  I can easily lift it as a single unit by the handles on the right and left fork arms and carry it out my patio door for an evening of viewing.  (Most other 8" SCTs are not so easy to move.)  This scope is in quite good condition, except for some minor paint scratches on the base (see photo).  These were caused by the standard counterweight system when balancing a heavy camera.  I later replaced the standard weights with a better system that prevents the possiblity of the weights hitting the base, so this is no longer an issue.  Both weight systems are included, in case you want to put it back to original.

Included standard items are:

• The original manual and alignment star-charts

• The original star diagonal

• The original 26mm eye-piece

• The original finderscope

Multiple extra accessories and upgrades are included:

• Better finderscope rings and mount with quick removal dove-tail system

• Easy collmination thumbscrew knobs

• Aforementioned improved counterweight system

• Hard dewshield/sunshade

• Piggyback camera mount

• Equatorial wedge for long-exposure astrophotography

• Travel case (was standard on earlier models, but was $300 extra on my late-model)

The optics are in excellent condition.  As evidence of this, I've attached an image of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.  Each planet was captured on different nights using this scope, extra barlow lens (not included), and a webcam (not included).  I processed the video frames using free processing software Registax, available on the web.  The resolution of these planetary images is at the limit of an 8" telescope.

Buyer can arrange to pick it up locally in the Santa Cruz or San Jose area in California.  Payment is via PayPal.  If you want to pay with your credit card, this can be done via your PayPal account.

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