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We are an authorized Celestron
dealer and support the full 2 year warranty. We are known for having some of
the best support in the industry. Don't take a chance by buying from a non
authorized dealer. There are quite a few people selling Celestron telescopes on
eBay but if they are not an authorized Celestron dealer then you are purchasing
a telescope that will NOT have a warranty


The Sky Plus is a "brick and
mortar" telescope store located in Mount Airy, Maryland.


Advanced VX EQ Mount: Engineered from the ground up with astroimaging
in mind, the new Advanced VX series from Celestron sets a new standard
in mid-level telescopes. Advanced VX provides you with many of the
features found on Celestron's most sophisticated German equatorial
mounts, at an extremely affordable price.

The new Advanced VX
mount was specifically designed to provide optimum imaging performance
for smaller telescopes. Now your smaller telescope can take advantage of
All-Star Polar Alignment and autoguider support. You'll be able to
track through long exposures using permanently programmable periodic
error correction. Image across the meridian without doing a meridian
flip, so you can seamlessly image the best part of night sky. Advanced
VX features significantly larger base castings than our previous design,
improving stability under heavier loads. Improved motors offer more
torque and can handle slight load imbalances with ease.

Experienced imagers will love taking this portable mount to a dark sky
site, with all the performance of their larger observatory mount. Or, if
you're new to imaging, this mount will help you get started with the
hobby and keep up with your needs for years to come.


Holds a maximum instrument capacity of 30 lbsInteger gear ratios and permanently programmable Periodic Error Correction eliminates recurring track errors from the worm gear.New motors offer improved tracking performance & provide more power to overcome load imbalancesUpdated industrial design offers more rigidity, less flexure and improved aestheticsNew design allows viewing or imaging across the meridian without interference from the motors housingsImproved latitude range. Can be used between 7 - 77 degrees latitude.Improved electronics with increased memory for future expansionNexStar+ hand control offers multiple language programming (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish)


TripodAdjustable, Stainless SteelTripod Legs2"Weight (lbs)46 lbs (21 kg)Power SupplyCar battery adapterEQ Mount Weight17 lbs (7.71 kg)Tripod Height (Max)64" in (1626 mm)Tripod Height (Min)44" in (1118 mm)Tripod Weight18 lbs (8.16 kg)Counterweight Bar12" Length, 0.75" Diameter lbs (5.44 kg)Counterweights1 x 11 lbsLatitude Range7-77 degMotor DriveLow cog DC Servo motors with encoders, both axesSlew SpeedsNine slew speeds, 4 deg/sec maximumTracking RatesSidereal, Solar and LunarTracking ModesEQ North and EQ SouthAlignment Procedures2-Star Align, Quick Align, 1-Star Align, Last Alignment, Solar System AlignCommunication Ports2x AUX ports, Autoguider port, RS-232 port (on hand control)Computer Hand ControlDouble line, 16 character Liquid Crystal Display; 19 fiber optic backlit LED buttonsDatabase40,000+ objects, 100 user defined programmable objects. Enhanced information on over 200 objectsPower Requirements12V DC 3.5A (tip positive)Internal ClockYes
Optional SkySync GPS Accessory

We are an authorized Celestron
dealer and support the full 2 year warranty. We are known for having some of
the best support in the industry. Don't take a chance by buying from a non
authorized dealer. We have WONDERFUL support to answer all of your questions
long after the sale. Any questions, contact. We are an authorized Celestron
dealer and the ONLY one around run by an Astronomy teacher (PhD in
Astrophysics) and an onsite observatory. All local customers are welcome to
join us for our free star parties. Contact us first for information and to
answer any of your astronomy, telescope, or astrophoto questions. Note: Our
customers have included numerous Universities from around the country,
Presidental science advisors, GPS Satellite Engineers, NASA mission Flight Directors,
engineers from both the Hubble Space Telescope AND the new James web Space
Telescope, and many many more.




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only for US destinations and does not include Hawaii or Alaska


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