Samsung LN52A850 June Opinions

ByExpert47 -Techie- Fairfax VA
Wow like other reviewers there exists so much to write about it Samsung TV its probably simpler to just state -buy it-
Truly amazing the actual LN52a850 is the best clearest Television set Ive ever seen.
The playback quality is sharp as well as lifelike and on Blu Jimmy videos beyond perception. If I order household goods to be delivered there isnt any reason to leave the house again.
I keep listening to that new engineering will be even better and i also simply cant consider human eyesight are able to SEE anything beyond what this Television offers.
Ive seen writers say blacks are not black. Simply put that is BS. Some of the blackest shades of black ive ever seen. Lively colors and no activity issues. Celestron asgt cg5 goto mount
Ive seen testers complaining about sound. Turn up the adjustments in the audio menu and you can get more than acceptable sound even though its not the same good quality as a 2500 surround it really is more than adequate

If you need an incredible TV buy it. Prices are coming down so shop for the most effective price then acquire it Youll be a pleasant camper
ByC. Nelson Olympia WA. U . s .
Amazon made it uncomplicated Earlier than expected shipping great price as well as the ease of set up made this purchase a pleasure. The telly has been working fine plus the color and understanding are amazing.
ByJoe -Shmoe- Tallahassee FL
Fantastic TV. Just got the item on the wall last night. No complaints. In case you are running your wires through the drywall with regard to appearances then I would likely recommend using the Check out the Ultra Slim Walls Mount. You dangle the TV like a photograph on the wall. The mount doesnt list this TV being compatible but it works well on mine. This inputs for the TV are straight from the back instead of parallel with the wall because on the LED-type sets the reason it isnt detailed as being compatible with the actual mount. If you work your cabling in the drywall anyway at all like me it doesnt matter. Its nearly as slim as the Directed sets and it appears great
ByMichael L. Laheyne mcminnville or maybe usa
well i am telling you if you decide to fully grasp this lcd tvyou wont possibly be disappointed.i purchased this kind of tv in januaryive been working on my remodelconnected with my so called movie room.well while i got it done in april had some of my girlfriends come over all they could say is omg such a picture.they say it is almost to frightening to watch its consequently real building a samsung 52 liquid crystal display 850 modelthe blueray bd2550and the onkyo s9100 theater processwell im hinting the house rocks around a mile awaymy personal nieghbor says he really likes watching my tv set from his rear porch and he can easily hear just finehe well that is about all i am able to sayi did my own research for 6 a few months before purchase.get happy shoppingoh but for the clouds yes it will have some cloud difficulty but if you take time a set your picture it is very crisp when you still do it. Samsung LN52A850

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