So you happen to be using Microsoft Perspective and youre satisfied with it. Who needs a real estate CRM once you have Outlook right
If you are this way maybe it is time to reconsider.
Outlook on life is an email buyer first and foremost not a Customer relationship management or true get in touch with management system.
Yes it has a calendar job manager and information feature but it does not have the key attributes and functionality that you simply as a REALTOR should be truly effective.
It really doesnt help you as being a real estate sales specialized to maximize the number of recommendations and returning clients you get. Sure Prospect may help you stay arranged but it wasnt designed to do much more when compared with that.
You want a technological innovation tool by your side that will assist you stay organized Along with grow your career in tangible estate. Celestron c8
Since youre a REALTOR that technology has to be real estate unique specially designed and customized to your real estate gross sales business.
There needs to be a location to manage your lively business your current consumers sellers and entries. And you need to be capable of enter in a listing for example and then assign an inventory plan for instance to the next listing.
A listing plan is a series of tasks linked to listing a home. Their important because you are going to know that nothing will drop through the cracks and you wont have to worry about keeping in mind an important detail or even activity.
As a realtor its all about human relationships so its essential to assign marketing options and sphere involving influence nurturing offers to specific contacts. Diets should have drip e-mail drip marketing performance built into them.
You ought to be able to categorize your own contacts into organizations filter your acquaintances across multiple groupings and then easily deliver a personalized mass e-mail or letter.
Can you do these things with Outlook I think you could possibly run into some issues.
But thats not all.
If youre emailing prospective buyers for instance you want to know just how effective your electronic mail was.
Wouldnt you choose nice to see stats on open fee who clicked on what exactly links within your email and who sent out your email on to others After all it is the only way you can boost your email marketing.
I hope by now you get it. You have realized Outlook is not actually a CRM application. It can be classified to be a contact management technique but not one that you can really expect too much of any return from in terms of getting more referrals and also repeat business.
IXACT Speak to on the other hand is a genuine real estate CRM application that you CAN expect a return from. Its an authentic estate contact managing system designed exclusively around your business as well as the unique needs in addition to challenges that you as being a REALTOR have.
Certainly a monthly as well as yearly fee is actually involved but IXACT pays for itself multiple times over. If you get just one recommendation that turns into a customer from IXACT Contact that pays for your annual fee for many decades to come.
Take a moment to contemplate that. Think about every one of the charges and fees youre hit with after which think about which ones are actually worth paying for. The ones truly will or maybe can have a real influence on your business Which ones gives you the highest return on investment
When you using Outlook intended for everyday email messages Im not indicating you stop. Precisely what Im suggesting is that you simply supplement your regular e mail client with a correct CRM. With IXACT Connections Outlook Link functionality all contact work schedule and task facts can be wirelessly synchronized instantly between Outlook and IXACT Contact. Now That is convenient
To learn more about the differences between Ms Outlook and a correct real estate CRM for example IXACT Contact click here.
Able to take the plunge Sign up for a complimentary 5 week trial run of IXACT Contact from Celestron c8 Some things are better when experienced twice. Or thrice. Maybe even more.
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