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Oh boy there is a lot of stuff here.  Everything is newish nearest minty condition because I only used it one time from my loft window.  Sadly, I've come to the realization that I just don't have the time to explore the stars in the manner I hoped.  I'm a full time professional photographer of forty years self employment.  I understand the value of high quality optics and how to keep them in perfect condition.  I deal with a lot of precision equipment and have much experience on how to care for it professionally.  See my other auctions for unique photo gear and check my feedback to buy with confidence from an experienced seller.
The main unit telescope was purchased by me, new from B&H, in November of 2017.  It's been setup indoors three times.  Once when I got it, once when I used it, and once for making these auction listing photos.  It will ship to you in the same factory box as B&H Photo shipped to me in.  All original packing is intact.  Buyer will enjoy new unboxing experience.
Instruction manuals have been downloaded, printed, and assembled into one large binder.  I lost the originals in a move.  My printed binder manuals are better than the originals because they are larger, consistent, and all together in one handy hard cover book.  You can also download any manual you desire for electronic viewing.
This listing includes the following items:
One Celestron NexStar 8SE Telescope with tripod and kit ($1194 new at B&H).Fabulous condition looks and operates like new.
One Celestron Lens Shade Dew Shield ($39 new).Slips on nicely with good velcro lock.  Wraps around tripod legs for transport.
One Celestron Power Tank 12V ($63 new).Not just for your 8SE, but great 12V flashlight emergency system that can even jump start your car.
One Celestron StarSense AutoAlign Electronic Finder. ($325 new).The Computer Pad replaces the one on the NexStar (so you'll have two).  This one talks to the auto align camera and gets your system calibrated without hassle.  Then use the SkyPortal App on your phone/tablet for motorized telescopic sky tours.
One Celestron Skyportal WiFi adapter/transmitter module ($99 new).  NexStar motorized mount communicate with your SkyPortal App.  Latest model with easy connection with good signal strength.  
One Williams Optics Dura Bright 2" Dielectric Diagonal. ($190 upgrade from 1.25" stock original).One of the best available with 99% reflectivity and large knurled quick release for viewfinder.  Beautiful specimen.
One Baader Hyperion 8-24mm Mark IV Zoom Eyepiece. ($289 upgrade from 1.25" stock original).Super High quality optics replaces an entire case of lesser grade smaller diameter optics.  Rave reviews.
This unit will also include the stock 1.25" diagonal and eyepiece that came with the NexStar Telescope.  You'll enjoy the high quality 2" upgrades that enhance the viewing experience.  I recommend not even bothering with the stock units.  And if you're new to astronomy, or want quick setup for the kids, then the StarSense Auto Align is the only way to go._______
Yes I spent over $2100 for this beautiful kit.  If you're thinking about getting started with astronomy, then please consider getting a great deal from my assembled bundle.  I appreciate high quality, and so put much time researching everything to equip this unit with the best most efficient options available.  
All sales final.  Returns accepted ONLY if item received is not as described in this detailed listing.  Buyer pays return shipping.Sorry my friend, I am not a camera/astronomy store.  I cannot support "buy it if you like it" transactions.  Read my feedback and buy with confidence from an experienced seller with actual hands on experience.

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