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adapter for mounting spotting scopes , cameras , and photo lenses to dovetail
receiver goto telescope mounts.

This adapter is not suitable for use with EQ mounts as it cannot
provide the balancing adjustments required.  
It is intended for Celestron NEXSTAR mounts and possibly other Alt Azimuth

With the "L" bracket, this
adapter can keep your spotter scope controls and accessories oriented in its
normal position while using it rather than being 90 degrees out of the normal

can handle lenses up to 5 inch aperture and will add only about 6 ounces to the
weight handled by your drive unit.

Note that optics
(scopes or cameras etc.) can be mounted with "L" bracket high or low (see
picture 2 showing high and low arm and picture 3 for a 3.5" Mak mounted
both ways).  See picture 4 for a 5"
Schmidt Cassegrain mounted with arm low.

this kit you can easily easily adapt your spotter scope, that has a 1/4-20
pad,  for mounting to any drive or scope
with a dovetail receiver of the 1-3/4 inch wide Vixen type.

This includes:
Celestron Nexstar SLT, LCM, SE4/SE5, SE6/SE8 computerized mounts, (Take note
that the SE mounts have very deep jaws and the deep jaw Celestron mounts will
lose scope diameter capacity because of this). The jaws reach scope
interference point because of the reach required to get inside the mount
housing.  I believe some of the later
GT's and SLT' may have the deeper jaws. You cannot mount the C5 on the SE

The kit contains all
parts and tools to make your spotter mount to your drive. Hand crafted from Bar
millstock aluminum, the kit has the hardware and the wrenches needed to install
the adapter to Your spotting scope in less than 10 minutes.

The "L" arm can be disassembled and the dovetail bar can be direct mounted to you spotter pad if you desire. THE KIT CONTAINS AN
SCREW when the scope is directly mounted to the dovetail and then attached to the drive on the axis of rotation.  This set screw will be located in one of the 8-32
taps on the dovetail when shipped. A "D" ringed self contained 1/4-20 screw is provided for
lighter scopes and cameras. This screw can be contained in the "L"
mount through either direction and by the 1/4- 20 tapped hole. For heavier
loads the 1/4-20 socket head  screws are recommended (with careful determination) to
prevent being screwed too far into the pad of your equipment, and these are used through the 1/4 inch non tapped holes.   For these
applications screw finger tight to be sure you don't bottom out and then finish
with tool or wing nut (as pictured) to final snug tight. The shortest screw will direct mount most small spotter pads.  In some cases a longer reach may be required, see the photos for use of the longer socket head 1/4-20 screws for various mounting. Note only one long 1/4-20 screw is included.  The pictures shows the long screw alone, and assembled as used with the wing nut.

An instruction sheet  illustrating the use of the hardware will be supplied.




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