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Celestron NIGHTSCAPE 8300, 8.3MP Color CCD Camera (ONE SHOT COLOR CAMERA). The camera is in excellent fully working condition with original packing, instruction book, two inch T2 snout, cap, leads and original 12 supply for cooling the chip.

This Celestron Nightscape 8300 also comes with a computer running XP (this is required to run the AstroFX software and Nightscape 8300 drivers reliably). It is well documented that this camera and drivers are not reliable on later versions of Windows.

The Computer is a Compaq Presario V2000 with its original Windows XP software and is in lovely condition ready to go. Its a clean uncluttered install loaded with AstroFX and the guiding software PHD. The battery is good for a couple of hours or so. The computer does run both AstroFX and PHD programs at the same time.
I pulled this gear together when I lived in Southern California, I now live on the Oregon coast where it rains a lot and the Dark Sky Ordinance is not enforced - so here it is.
I am also selling a Nikon to T2 adapter that fits a the Nightscape 8300 to a AI-s type Nikon lens. Also selling a very sharp Nikon 300mm F4 (manual focus only) lens that gives a relatively wide field.

Celestron's innovative AstroFX software and drivers - can, if required be downloaded from the Celestron website. Of course these are already installed on the included computer.

USA bidders only please.

Note: Although this software simplifies the process of capturing deep sky images you still require knowledge of astrophotography, specialized equipment and certain level of skill, and patience. Camera details below from Celestron website.

A/D Conversion: 16 bit

Binning: 2x2

Cooling Range: 20 degree C below ambient

Dark Signal : 0.15e-/pixel/second

Dynamic Range: 64.4 dB

Exposure Range: .001 sec to 24hrs (2x2 bin); .01sec to 24hrs (1x1 bin)

Full Well Capacity: 25,500 e-

Imaging Sensor: Kodak KAF-8300 Color Sensor

Quantum Efficiency: 33%@630 nm; 40%@550 nm; 33%@470 nm

Read Noise (RMS): 8 e-

Shutter: Internal Mechanical

Sub-Framing: Full, Half, Quarter, selectable

Weight (lbs): 2 lbs (0.91 kg)

Cooling: Regulated Thermoelectric w/ Fan

Camera Resolution: 8.3MP (3326x2504)

Sensor Size: 17.96 mm x 13.52 mm (22.5 mm diagonal)

Pixel Size: 5.4 micron square


Celestron's ground-breaking Nightscape
CCD Camera has a new addition to the lineup: Introducing the Nightscape
8300, the one shot color CCD camera featuring the highly acclaimed Kodak
KAF-8300 sensor.  The Nightscape 8300 provides 8.3 megapixels of
resolution on this ultra-sensitive Kodak CCD.  Camera control and image
processing are made easy, fast and effective, thanks to the included
AstroFX software. Additionally, the Nightscape 8300 is the most
affordable feature-rich KAF-8300 CCD camera on the market!

Nightscape's ultra-sensitive KAF-8300 CCD easily detects subtle deep
sky details.  Capture the faint wisps of a colorful emission nebula, or
image fine detail of a spiral galaxy millions of light years away. 
You’ll be amazed how much faint detail you can detect in your time lapse

The regulated thermoelectric cooling system with adjustable speed fan
not only reduce the inherent CCD noise, but the temperature is also
precisely regulated to your setting of choice, allowing you to take
accurate calibration images.  The camera electronics have been carefully
engineered to minimize the read noise (only 8e- RMS) and provide the
cleanest image data possible.

Compact four-inch diameter design provides minimal obstruction needed
for Fastar f/2 imaging. The round symmetrical aluminum cast body
resembles the obstruction of the secondary mirror of a Cassegrain
telescope ensuring a round star with minimal light diffraction. 
Additionally the spacing to sensor is the same distance as most DSLR
cameras allowing compatibility with most standard DSLR t-adapters.

Celestron's intuitive AstroFX software takes you step-by-step from
taking images to processing the final result.  AstroFX gives you full
control of your camera from temperature regulation, exposure control as
well as computer assisted focusing for easy image acquisition.  AstroFX
knows just what to do with your images and calibration frames to create a
final master image that's been stacked, stretched, sharpened, saturated
and ready to share with your friends in a snap.

System Requirements:

   Windows XP™, Windows Vista™

   1GB RAM

   Disk Space - 500MB

   Video Display minimum 1024x768, 16-bit color or higher

AstroFx takes you step-by-step from snapping an image to processing the final result.


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