You Don't Need To Look Far For A Celestron Telescope

Finding the right telescope for you can be akin to taking on a second job. You want to pay the least amount you can, but you want a telescope that does what you need it to do. There are many brand names and a virtual alphabet soup of telescope model styles out there. Celestron telescopes are a good investment. Not only has Celestron been around since 1960, but Celestron telescopes have won awards, seen many firsts and have been used by professional astronomers. Celestron not only makes telescopes, but they make a range of astronomy binoculars and telescope accessories as well.

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California Dreaming

Celestron C11 Intermediate-Level Telescope

Celestron telescopes were born in 1960 in southern California by founder Tom Johnson, who was not happy with the telescopes available on the market for his sons. So he decided to build them one by himself! He kept building telescope after telescope and soon Valor Electronics popped up, which later was renamed Celestron. At that time, the best telescopes had to be entirely hand made. By 1970, Tom Johnson and his design team figured out how to mass produce Celestron telescopes so they could be a lot more affordable and understandable.

Tom Johnson sold Celestron in 1980 to SW Technology, but the brand name and quality can still be found today. They haven't rested on their laurels, but still strive to be the first with new technology to make Celestron telescopes more powerful and more affordable. They have a variety of distributors, retail outlets like the Discovery Store and LL Bean, Costco and a user-friendly website,

Celestron Telescopes Reveal The Mysteries Of The Skies

Celestron telescopes allow people a view of the heavenly bodies in the skies above them. Distant stars, planets and other bodies are glittering spots when seen from the ground with the naked eye. When these same objects are viewed with a Celestron telescope, the views are spectacular. Celestron telescopes are some of the most sophisticated available on the market and are available in both computerized and non-computerized versions. Each customer will be able to choose the model that fulfills their objectives. Celestron telescopes are designed with excellent optical components.

Celestron telescopes have a great reputation worldwide, and these products are used by dedicated amateur astronomers all around the world. The telescopes are much more sophisticated than those designed and constructed by early astronomers such as Galileo and Newton, but our fascination with the night sky is a result of the work started by these brilliant men. Celestron telescopes have continued to improve their products to help people view the natural resource that lies above our heads.

Celestron Telescopes Are Favored By Serious Astronomers

Celestron SkyScout Personal Planetarium

Celestron's telescopes are now used by a great portion of those interested in astronomy, and those photographers that capture stunning images of celestial bodies. The company offers a wide selection of telescopes. Each of these instruments provides excellent yet different features. The company is aware that many people like to take their telescopes out to dark sites so they have also made the telescopes more portable than competing products. The designs combine the necessary elements into a package that is lightweight and portable.

Many of the telescopes designed and manufactured are useful to amateur astronomers and seasoned professionals. Interchangeable eyepieces iallows for diffferent views of the sky. Celestron provides plenty of information for effective use of their 'scopes. Their telescopes are designed to accept a wide range of accessories such as eyepices, camera adapters and other add-ons.

We're Not Alone

Now you have your Celestron telescope in your hands. Now, what do you do? If you're not sure, you can ask Celestron. They have online tech support, telescope FAQ and downloadable Celestron telescope manuals really convenient for those who might buy a used Celestron telescope or receive one as a gift. If you're not online, there is a phone number (310)803-5955 Monday through Friday during Pacific Coast's business hours (which is a treat for East coast customers!)

Celestron isn't just about telescopes, but also has a range of binoculars, spotting scopes and all the accessories you never knew you needed. They also have an educational mini-star encyclopedia in the SkyScout which combines GPS with a spoken astronomical encyclopedia. So, if you point it at a star, it will identify not only what you're seeing, but tell you about it. How come they didn't have this out when I was a kid?

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