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Celestron 2 x Barlow Ultima 93506 – 1.25? SV Series
Mint Condition with box and caps

Barlow lens offers an easy and economical way to increase the
magnification range of your eyepieces by doubling the magnification of
any eyepiece in use.

Celestron Ultima series Barlow is an air-spaced, 3-element apochromatic
design with a 27mm clear aperture.  This lens has full multicoatings
and is quite small and lightweight[weighs 0.31 lb (141 g) with length of 2.7" (7.0 cm)].

Celestron Ultima 2x Barlow is a compact air-spaced, 3-element
apochromatic design with a 27mm clear aperture.  All lenses have full
multicoatings and it’s guaranteed to render exquisite quality images.

big benefit of the Celestron Ultima 2x Barlow is its compact height. At
only 75mm tall, the 1.25? barrel will fit easily into star diagonals or
other accessories where conventional, longer style Barlows won’t.

key to its performance advantage is the triplet lens design. Compact
Barlow lenses that only employ a doublet lens cannot sufficiently
suppress chromatic aberration, spherical aberration and coma. The air
spaced triplet design of the Ultima Barlow minimizes these optical flaws
resulting in a far superior image quality – you get sharper images with
2x the magnification.

have a small quantity of these Barlows to clear at this price. If
you’ve been looking for a high quality affordable Japanese made Barlow
here’s your chance.

Made in Japan – Fully multi-coated – Triplet Apochromatic 2x Barlow

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