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Tanking has always been at the upper echelon of raiding. Those players who can effectively tank in a raid are those that are ultimately destined to be the most popular in their guilds, the most watched in a raid and the most appreciated when the group experiences success. But, with recent changes to the rules of tanking and a whole new class thrown into the mix, the question of who can tank and when has become more and more relevant - so who exactly is best at tanking and why?

The Top of the Mix

The top of the pile always has been and probably always will be the Protection Warrior. With the top AoE threat in the game, the best armor, and the most effective means of maintaining their life in a close fight, a Protection Warrior is the best around. However, the gap between the top and number two has been narrowed considerably of late and raids no longer feel compelled to ensure every group has at least two of these warriors around to handle their bosses.

AoE Tanking All Mixed Up

In the past, there were only a handful of abilities out there that could AoE threat a group of mobs meaning that Prot Warriors were all but required for all groups. Now, every tanking class has at least one AoE threat ability, regardless of how well it works and can effectively tank for a group. That, along with stat amalgamation and gear restrictions easing up has made it so that Plate armor is less specialized and more capable of working across multiple borders.

Off Tanks No More

Along with Protection Warriors, Feral Druids, Protection Paladins, and now Frost Death Knights are all proving to be highly effective in the tanking realm. With their new AoE threats, the ability to stay alive longer with more inclusive gear, and the new ability to boost certain stats for Druids in Dire Bear form, tanking is generally more effective and all four of these specs can be a main tank if played well enough. Death Knights are arguably the hardest to maintain because they rely on avoidance more than absorption to handle damage and because they must heal themselves to stay alive (no shield), but top Death Knights have proven themselves more and more worthy as they have practiced and developed their strategies.

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what is the best beginner class/race to pick in lord of the rings online?

I am gonna get lotro and i want to know the best class/race to pick as a beginner as in easiest. Plz do not say oh it matters on your game style cause that is bullpucky. I have had some WoW (2-3 year) experience so if that helps good, I would really prefer a non-healer type person who takes forever to kill enemies. Plz help! Thank You!

I would start with a human hunter. You can usually kill things before they touch you. Other classes are constantly arguing that the hunter needs to be there's a bit of jealousy there.

I say human because human's get better bonuses later in character development. The most popular one is what is referred to as "man heal". This pretty much heals your entire character...something other races don't get.

The human beginning instances are easier to understand and there is less travelling involved.

Later for any race, they get a deed reward that let's them travel back to their hometown by warping/gating/porting. Elves get Rivendell, Hobbits get Michel Delving, Dwarves get Thorin's Hall and Humans get Bree. Bree is the largest and most versatile you can just hop a quicktravel horse to any other places of origin for a silver piece.

Humans also get a parry/block/evade bonus as a higher level trait reward.

The hunter is the most power DPS character for single monsters bar none. As a matter of fact they cause so much damage they can easily draw aggro off of a tank if not careful. In Moria(the recent expansion) they are often called for and less frowned upon because they are a necessity...sometimes 2 are needed for the higher level raid instances.

Hunter is easy to solo with. You can develop different types of hunters specializing in Bowmaster, Trapmaster, Huntsman. Hunter's at higher levels get to port entire parties to pretty much wherever they want...Bree, Michel Delving, Thorin's Hall, Rivendell, Eregonia, Moria, Evendim, West Angmar, East Angmar, Forochel and all hunter campsite markers.

Hunter is also a pretty good player vs monsterplayer character. If mobs sneak up on you they have an edge but you also have camoflauge as a hunter and have a little chance to conceal yourself. If a couple hunters are on the same's pretty much death for them.


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