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In terms of area, Alaska is by far the largest state in the United States. The state is well-known for its wilderness and arctic areas, but also contains many tourist attractions as well.

Here are some exciting places to visit on your next trip to Alaska:

1. Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum (in Anchorage): a museum dedicated to Alaska's aviation heritage that is home to 21 vintage aircraft.

2. Alaska Zoo (in Anchorage): home to a large collection of birds and animals, the zoo contains animals native to the state as well as more exotic creatures such as tigers and elephants.

3. Anchorage Museum of History & Art (in Anchorage): a world-class museum which preserves and exhibits the history and art of the state.

4. Elmendorf State Hatchery (in Anchorage): operated by the state's fish and game department, the state hatchery produces salmon and trout for sport fishing and offers a viewing area.

5. H2Oasis (in Anchorage): think Alaska is too cold for swimming? Think again! H2Oasis is an indoor waterpark that features rides, a wave pool, a water coaster, a 150-foot body slide.

6. The Imaginarium (in Anchorage): a hands-on learning center where you can have fun learning about science by actually doing science.

7. Juneau Trolley Car Company (in Juneau): offers a narrated tour of downtown Juneau stopping at 13 points of interest.

8. Mount Robert Tramway (in Juneau): an aerial tramway that goes from the docks to a height of 1,800 feet. At the top of the tramway is a restaurant, theater and nature center, as well as shops and walking trails.

9. Pioneer Park (in Fairbanks): previously known as "Alaskaland", Pioneer Park is a 44 acre amusement park which celebrates Alaskan history.

10. St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church (in Juneau): an impressive Russian Orthodox Church which was built in 1894 and has been in continuous use ever since. The church features a large gold dome and also offers a gift shop.

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travel project?

I have to do a project for Spanish class where I plan a trip to Spain. I have to tell about the geography, history, government, economy, education, people, and culture of Spain, but it has to be integrated into the places I visit. For example, I have to talk about art at an art museum, history at a history museum... I was assigned central spain, so I am "going" to Madrid. I know of a few places like the Prado and Royal Palace to go, but I need a lot more. Can anyone suggest several good tourist sites in Madrid that fit these qualities? And does anyone know of a good website that tells about these places in depth and includes the prices of admission?

Sounds like a fun project.

Whenever I have to research a destination I will go to the locations' CVB or Convention & Visitors Buerau. There is more information then you care to know on them. I am not talking about "travel sellers" website, but the goverments page on tourism. I did a quick Google seach (I put in 'visit Spain') and the website I found was On this site and similar sites you will find out about different places to see, the hours and the cost and I am sure a link to vendors to sell you tickets.

Good luck on your project. Perhaps you will get to go one day.

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