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The Frontier swing set is part of the Blue Ridge product line. Like all Blue Ridge sets, the Frontier features factory stained and sealed wood that is resistant to rot, decay, and insect damage. All of the up beams (the structural supports) are Premium Preserved Pine Poly Coated Beams. This coated beams are maintenance free. Gorilla Playsets warrants the lumber on the Frontier for ten years.

A safety zone of approximately 30' x 35' is required for this swing set. The actual footprint dimension is 18' W x 23' L. The Frontier is shaped in a L shape with a fort where the two swing beams meet. The fort deck is 5' tall and 4' x 6' in size. This is where the make believe begins. Kids can access the fort by climbing up the climbing wall, rope ladder or the climbing ramp with rope. As a parent with two toddlers, the climbing ramp with rope is a must have feature. Safety is a big concern with swingsets and having younger kids I was concerned about the entering and exiting the fort. For anyone with small children, I strongly recommend the climbing ramp with rope. Once on top of the fort, there is plenty of room for 3-4 kids to play safely. Kids can exit the fort the same way they entered or shoot down the slide. With two swing beams, there is plenty of room for multiple kids to play. This playset comes standard with two swing belts and a trapeze bar on one beam with a tire swing on the other beam. It is important to note that anyone of the standard accessories can be changed out to a glider, disc swing, infant swing or any other swing you might want.

The Frontier comes with:

* Iron Ductile Swing Hangers

* 3 Position Swing Beam

* 2 Belt Swings w/ Powdered Coated Chains

* 1 Trapeze Bar w/ Powder Coated Chains

* Built-in Picnic Table

* Sandbox

* Rock Wall with Climbing Rope

* 10' Wave Slide (Green)

* Deluxe Climbing Ramp with Rope

* Climbing Rope Ladder

* Turbo Tire Swing and Swivel

* Telescope

* Tic-Tac-Toe Spinner Panel

This is not the first swing set we have assembled and from experience, I was really impressed with the entire process. The Frontier comes delivered on a pallet on an eighteen wheeler. With a little help from the driver, my husband and I unpacked the set and moved it to the back yard. We created a staging area for assembly which made the entire assembly process easier. All of the lumber came pre-drilled making assembly easier then any other set we have put together. It is important to stay organized when unpacking. This will shave time off the assembly process.

I am thoroughly impressed with the Frontier swing set. This swing set is based off of one of Gorilla's most popular sets the Blue Ridge Chateau. If you took away the swing beam that the tire swing is on you would have the Chateau. A tire swing was a must have for my family therefore we chose the Frontier over the Chateau. The kids love this swing set!

Jennifer is freelance copywriter. For more information on a Gorilla Playsets or the Frontier Swing Set, visit

Why do eyeglasses cost so much?

I can buy a pair of good quality binoculars with precision ground COATED GLASS LENSES for $100.00 or less. Not only that, there are at least six lenses in binoculars.

So where is the justification for the obscene prices of eyeglasses with plastic lenses?

And I am keeping the price of the eye exam separated from this question.

I agree that prices are rediculous. At the optical that we have at work glasses range from 300 to 1000 dollars for a pair of glasses. At our cost it is about 150 for the glasses. It is just a rip off because people are in need of glasses and they know that they can jack up the prices for them.

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