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If you happen to be a hunter who prefers an enclosing from which to hunt, you have a few different kinds of deer stands to select from. One option that might pass through your mind might be a tree stand. You can find tree stands in three basic styles: hang-on tree stands, climber tree stands, and ladder stands. You also might consider getting a tripod deer stand, ground blind, or tower deer stand. These choices provide you a more hidden hunting space to help mask your movements and scent. What are the differences, positives, and negatives between all of these stands?

Tripod stands are basically what the name says - they are a stand with three legs and a seat on top. There are a few large tripod stands that have been built to hold more than just one person. Tripod deer stands do however leave you exposed in the open when compared to ground blinds or box blinds. The greatest plus side of these deer stands is that they are cheaper than their more enclosed deer stand counterparts, and that you do not need a tree! While it is standard for most hunters to spend their time hunting in the thick woods, some prefer to lay and wait in open pastures. If the vegetation is overgrown, you might lose some deer, but not with tripod deer stands.

Ladder tree stands usually begin at around 14 feet, but they can go as high as 25 feet. Ladder stands are sometimes built with legs that you can change the height on. If your ladder tree stand doesn't have extend-able legs, then you are constricted as to the number of trees you can set up your stand in. As you can guess, a collapsable ladder stand is much easier to transport than a deer stand that is 20' in length. Although it is rarer, but there are ladder stands designed for two persons.

The primary difference when it comes to treestands and tripod deer stands is the seat that moves. There are some tree stands however which allow you to adjust the up and down angle of your seat. Be careful if you have a swivel seat for your tripod stand to be positive that you can move around in your chair without squeaking noises.

If you desire to be able to make movements while in your stand and not care about deer smelling, hearing, or seeing you, then you should consider looking at going with a tower deer blind or ground blind. These help to keep you obscure. They also come with windows that provide for decent shooting rails so that you won't need to take your shot freehanded like you do from some tree stands. Some makers offer just the blind itself while others provide the blind plus a platform to put it on. Some deer blinds come with conversion tops that can be used as needed to protect you from the sight of a deer.

For more information about and to find out where to get cheap dear stands as well as to find plans on how to build your own, visit the Deer Stands homepage at

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What's a great bug out/assault pack?

I'm looking to build a bug out bag.
I'm trying to find a right bag for the job. I'm not so much looking for a 72 hour pack but more for the needs if I had to leave and that backpack became my most precious item. I'm thinking of one that can have years of outside abuse/camo/Molle. Also one that is load bearing so if I needed to attach my rifle and hike for days with it would be no problem. But at the same time I want t to be compact enough for a urban enviroment, but still can provide lots of space/pockets for survival necessities.

Bug out is a specific brand instead of a style and it is a decent pack with a mild frame so its puts the weight on your hips where it belongs the other good things about it is that it has plenty of molle strap points and is the exact regulations for a carry on for a plane also its only $79. black hawk makes better ones but for a comparable one toy would pay no less than $150.

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