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For once here's a holder that even Columbus would be full of pride to show off!

Specially designed for Kindle DX...the CaseCrown case is thin, light-weight pocket is huge on chic and protection.

Created with double memory foam padding this distinctively insulated case fully protects your Kindle from everyday wear.

The outer vinyl fabric is water repellent, making it simple to clean up...just a quick wipe and go. The efficient size allows it to be easily carried and stowed. The outside storage pouch provides extra room for notes or accessories.

Inside this pocket type case uses a four point expandable band mounting method that keeps your Kindle DX in place. End that off with some especially soft material and foam and you have got a champion!

An additional nice touch...the double zippers. These zippers not just keep your pouch firmly closed but it also allows you to effortlessly charge your DX even as it remains in the casing. I am a huge fan of the double zippers!

So what can you expect from this holder...

• This holder provides double memory foam protection

• Outside storage pocket for charging cable, book light, ear buds, etc...

• Functional and trendy, thin and lightweight

Some things you must bear in mind of, upon arrival the zippers can be a bit rigid but they will loosen up and glide easily after some use. The case might appear cozy around the perimeters to a few users however again, once you break this baby in its outstanding.

Full protection in a very compact design...this CaseCrown pocket is certain to satisfy!

Need more information on this great cover as well as other Kindle accessories, please visit

I need a Good compact pocket size pair of Binoculars. Maybe with a zoom? can you recommend some?

"Good," "compact," and "zoom," are going to be hard to find in one package.

Orion has many higher grade binoculars available as well as tutorials for choosing binoculars suited for your particular purpose. They are an excellent company to deal with. Go here and read the tutorials and see what pair you choose. If you don't want to buy from Orion, look for something with similar specifications made by Leica, Nikon, Eagle, Steiner, Pentax or Bushnell at B&H Photo.

Orion's Otter 8X or 10X26 look nice for compact binoculars, but I have not seen a pair in person. They have two other pairs of compact binoculars (Weather-Worthy and Visulite) I've seen them both and they are fine, for what they are. If you want some excellent weatherproof binoculars, consider Orion's Savannah 8x32 pair. They are less than 5" tall. The Otters look to be just about the same size, actually, but they don't give a specification on the site. I have the Savannah 10X50 and they are just superb. They are not compact, by any means, but I'd take the quality as a given for the 8X32's. Of course, the Otters are under $100 and the Savannah's are over $300......


Many of us trust and recommend B&H Photo. I have been using them for many years without a single problem. B&H Photo is available through a link at Yahoo! Shopping, or at 1-800-622-4987. See also

Beach Camera is another excellent company.

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