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LiteFuze convertingbox 3000 Step Down Light Weight Premium Voltage Converter Transformer

Simran 50-1600 Watt Step Down Travel Voltage Converter - Steps Down Voltage for Multiple Devices sells voltage converters, transformers, regulators, and plug adapters for international use. While travelling, your electrical appliance like laptops, battery chargers, electric shavers, and hair dryers will be compatible with foreign voltages only when connected to a voltage converter. The Simran 50-1600 Watt Step Down Travel Voltage Converter steps down 220/230/240V to 110/120V in electronic appliances of various capacities.

This step down voltage converter is ideal for use in countries with 220/240V voltage to operate electrical appliances that use only 110/120V. This travel voltage converter is safe for US appliances that use 110/120V for operating. US appliances can work in foreign locations with 240V output only with a help of a step down voltage converter. The Simran voltage converter is design for use with US appliances when you are travelling abroad. The input plug accepts appliances with flat pinned US plugs, while the output plug is a round pin European plug. This travel voltage converter is fuse protected for safety.

This step down voltage converter has two selections, one for appliances in the 50 watts capacity range and other for appliances in the 1600 watts range. With the 50 watt setting, this 50 watt voltage converter can work with small electronics such as battery chargers, cell phone chargers, shavers, answering machines, portable radios, and other devices. In the 50 watt setting, the 1600 watt voltage converter can work with to heat-related appliances like hair dryers, hair curlers, irons, and heating pads. This travel voltage converter should be unplugged when not in use.

The Simran 50-1600 Watt Step Down Travel Voltage Converter from is available at an affordable price. This step down voltage converter comes in very handy while travelling abroad on business trips or on vacation. This compact travel voltage converter fits in your travel pouch conveniently and is easy to carry around.

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Should I use a transformer or converter for my flat iron in London/Scotland?

Here are the specs:
Voltage: 110V/60Hz
Power: 45W

I already know I need adapters to change the pings on a plug but my question is what kind of converter or transformer would be sufficient.

Is the above ok since the watt max states 80 or would I need something stronger, say in the 1600 Watt range?

like this one
I meant flat iron for straigthening none of those would be sufficient and of a suitable weight to carry? its best to buy one over seas?

You only need to change the plug.
I have used straightener in Uk and out of Uk as well... U don't need anything else at all... or I just got you bad...
Well however this is wot you gots to use, still.

you can buy one anywhere basically [i.e Wilkinson and any electric shops] for a couple of quids.

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