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Will my GHD flat iron work here in the US?

I recently received a GHD flat iron as a gift. The person who bought it for me found it on ebay. The problem is..the iron does not have a US plug. It has a UK one. I've read where some flat irons won't work with a converter? I've never traveled out of the country or anything so I have no clue about converters or transformers..I do know that in the product guide it states, "Universal voltage: wherever you go in the world, the ghd styler will automatically work with the local voltage and adjust itself for optimum performance." What do I need to do to make it work in the great ol' US? Any help is greatly appreciated! I know they spent a lot, and I would hate to have their money wasted.

Well I've just come back from the US where I was using my UK GHDs so I'm probably in a rather good position to answer this question...

The answer is yes, they will work. The only problem is that in the US you use a lower voltage than we do in the UK and as a result the irons won't get as hot and therefore won't be as effective as they're supposed to be. Keep them turned on for about 5 minutes before you want to use them to make sure they get really hot.

As for the plug, you will need a UK to US adapter in order to plug it in. I'm assuming that the US is like here in that you buy them in hardware stores or places like K-Mart or Target.

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