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Coronado / Meade 40mm f/10 PST H-Alpha Personal Solar Telescope

Coronado / Meade 40mm f/10 PST H-Alpha Personal Solar Telescope

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The PST is a Coronado innovation. This 'little' telescope is another step toward Coronado's goal of making it possible for everyone to "Experience the Sun our way." No wonder it is the world's most popular telescope to observe the Sun!

Sub angstrom H-alpha systems have long been cost prohibitive for the amateur. Designs other than the Coronado are difficult to use because of temperature and F-Ratio requirements. This 40mm diameter highly portable dedicated solar telescope features completely internal non-removable and student safe solar filtering optics with a 1.0 angstrom hydrogen-alpha (Ha) bandpass for great surface detail. Not only does the PST have a bandpass of <1.0 Angstrom but it is also thermally stable and requires no more time to operate than putting in a eyepiece and adjusting the focus.

Study of the solar disk is now within the reach of the amateur astronomer. The PST will show you the dynamic, ever changing prominences at the edge of the Sun as well as filaments and other surface details in amazing detail, all in the brilliant and distinctive red color of hydrogen-alpha light. The PST represents the same technology and quality that goes into a SolarMax series telescope but with a few unique design characteristics that allows Coronado to offer it for less than some premium eyepieces. At <1.0 Angstrom it will not reveal as much surface detail as the SolarMax series telescopes and filters but it certainly doesn't disappoint.

Features a 40mm diameter dedicated Ha optical system with 30mm internal etalon primary blocking filter and incorporated focuser and bandpass fine adjustment controls and built in solar viewfinder. 400mm focal length, f/10 focal ratio, with an 18mm Plossl eyepiece. Tripod not included.

Mounting options include use on a standard photo tripod (scope is threaded for a standard camera 1/4-20 mounting bolt), use of a Coronado Malta table top tripod (sold separately) or the Meade DSM mount (sold separately) with computerized Autostar and GoTo technology. Open up a whole new world of astronomy with the Coronado PST.

Product carries full five year Meade factory limited warranty (valid within US/Canada only).

- Aperture: 40mm
- Focal Length: 400mm
- F/Ratio: F/10
- Bandwidth: <1.0
- Thermal Stability: 0.005 /°C
- Safety Blocking: >10-5 from EUV/IR

Note: Occasionally, the product you receive might have a slightly different cosmetic appearance or labeling than what is shown. This can often change from batch to batch according to the whims of the manufacturer. However, you will always receive a brand new, original product as described above.

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