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Will likely be packaged and sent in two packages, most likely by USPS. If you pay the FedEx rate, it will be probably sent priority, if you select UPS, it will be probably sent ground. The postage is firm and does include packing the items. I do not do it. Someone does it for me and the listed postage is what they charge me. 
I don't know anything about telescopes. This was an inherited wrong gift. Looking through the smaller tube, everything is very close and seems to be upside down. I did not see any use marks on the tips of the tripod. Maybe it was never assembled. I have no idea if it is complete. The light comes on, when plugged in and turned on, but I did not see anything spinning. I did not see any scratches on the glass.

Hi, Dad had an accident, so my friend and I have to continue liquidating this large inherited collection ourselves, except we don’t know how to test it, don’t have different types of batteries, etc., so normally one of us just plugs it in and see if it produces sound or turns (after moving some lever, knob, etc.), nothing more, and we describe nothing more, except my friend, who understands this stuff better than I do, may write somewhat longer description. Our tests are simple and quick and must be safe with easy to see results, so we don’t test cassette or disc sections, cameras, wireless headphones, tube radios, components, most microphones, etc. If you are local, you can come over and plug it in and you don’t have to buy it. The shipping charges include packing etc., which someone does for me. Don’t ask if something, or a part of it, works or is OK. Instead take everything I sell as not functional and not OK and for display purposes only, even if brand new in a factory sealed box. No returns or refunds. Included in a sale are only items, which you see in the pics next to, and as belonging to, the item being sold. Please accept that all faults may not be presented in pictures or description and how item tested may not be the same as when you get it, especially if it is very old or fragile, because of shaking, etc. during shipment. If I have the time and it is easy and the item looks expensive and I could not test it, I may take off the cover and take a pic of the insides.

Please check my other similar items.

I am lowering prices on  everything.

UPS Ground shipping service was added. It can make shipping much less expensive.

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