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"The Night Sky" Planispheres from the David Chandler Company

30-40 degree north latitude
. (The picture is representative for all versions)

Unlike coffee-table planispheres, these are designed for use in the field!
Printed with dark stars on a light background for easy nighttime readability.
The Night Sky is NOT a conventional planisphere! No flat map can remove
all distortion, but The Night Sky eliminates over 90% of the distortion
inherent in conventional 1-sided planispheres.

Available in 4 versions for different latitude ranges, as well as one for the
southern hemisphere. Sturdy plastic construction, 8.5" wide.

The northern sky is viewed on one side, and the southern sky on the other.
The constellations are drawn simply, emphasizing the brighter stars. (The
constellation patterns were designed in collaboration with the editors of
Sky and Telescope magazine.) Coordinate grid lines are shown without
being intrusive, and coordinates are shown because they can be useful
for cross referencing with star atlases. A selection of deep sky objects
for binocular viewing is also indicated.

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