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I once knew some kids in my neighborhood who would wait until night fall to steal toys and other things from houses. You would wake up the next day and realize that your roller skates that were usually on the front porch were gone or your baseball bat you left leaning against the garage was missing. The reason I knew these kids were stealing from others was that they would often show up with "new" stuff. Things that were either painted over or some how camouflaged to resemble your stuff to a certain extent. The reason my theory arose was because I would see them riding their bikes at night. I could never prove it though. Being a pre teen I sure could have used a set of Inexpensive night vision goggles. I could have put to rest my theory. I knew a flashlight would tip them off and living in a rural town with little street lighting made it impossible to see in the dark.

Maybe you are having the same problem. Maybe it is not toys getting stolen from your home. Maybe things mysteriously happen to your car at night, but you cannot prove it. Maybe your yard gets trashed every now and again. Maybe, just maybe you are thinking the same things I was some twenty years ago. A pair of cheap night vision goggle can now let you breathe easier and catch the culprits that are wreaking havoc on your night life.

The great thing about night vision goggles are the versatility it gives you, not only physical use, meaning being able to wear them as opposed to having to hold them. It also gives you different uses other than home security. Off the top of my head, having a pair of low-cost Night Vision Goggles, would give you an advantage if you were to go hunting. It would let you star gaze much clearer, it would let you see what really goes on with those back yard critters or let you see what was really going on any where light was unavailable.

In the past, because the military were the only people using night vision goggles, it made them impossible for a civilian to get a hold of. Well, thanks to retailers you can now get Cheap Night Vision Goggles at a price that you can afford. And really, what is your safety and sanity worth? I am sure it is worth much more than the cost of a pair of night vision goggles.

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If i have a night vision scope camera?

What are some ways i can use it to it's full potential? What can i view at night that i can't view during the day???

You can do Paris Hilton

Space Mountain Ride w/ Night Vision @ Disneyland Pre-Refurb

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