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Why build a greenhouse?

Let's face it you most likely have dreamed about owning a greenhouse, at least once in your life. They are fun, extremely relaxing, healthy, and have many other benefits. Well, the time to turn those thoughts into reality is now. The fact is our environment is in trouble, everyone knows it. It needs people like you to help give back the gift of life.

You may not have ever thought about building your own greenhouse, most likely because you thought it would be extremely difficult. Well, I am here to tell you that it is easier than you think. Building a greenhouse from scratch is not rocket science, it is actually very simple and is something to be proud of. I have compiled this list of 9 simple and key steps to take when building your own greenhouse. Don't worry or think you can't do this, because you can! With that said, lets get into it.

The 9 Steps:

Use Salvaged Materials In Greenhouse Construction

Step #1 Think about using salvaged materials if you want to build a large greenhouse - this will keep costs lower, so more resources can go into heating and irrigation systems.

Greenhouse Temperature and Shade

Step #2. Take your climate into account. If you live in a temperate or cold region, then you'll want to build an insulated greenhouse. If you live in a warmer climate, then you'll want to have shade control as well - and in a desert region, you'll need both!

Ventilation Greenhouse Plans

Step #3. Be sure to plan for adequate ventilation and air circulation as well as heat and humidity control. Think about the plants you plan to grow in your greenhouse and design a climate accordingly. Greenhouse ventilation is easy to do and something that is truly necessary, or your plants may suffer.

Choosing Greenhouse Location

Step #4. Build your greenhouse is a spot where it will receive plenty of sunlight. You'll want to give your greenhouse eastern and western exposure, especially if you plan to grow vegetables and fruits. This will provide ample sunlight to ensure fruiting in these plants. Semi-shaded areas won't hurt anything, if that is your only option.

Greenhouse Construction Materials

Step #5. Decide on a siding for your greenhouse. The best materials are glass (which can be expensive) or fiberglass. Both of these materials offer greater durability, since they do not break down as quickly as plastic siding. These materials will also make for a warmer, more humid greenhouse. You could also pick out greenhouse polycarbonate panels, which are shatter proof and nearly impossible to break. They are extremely safe and can withstand some pretty strong winds.

Picking Your Greenhouse Base

Step #6. Choose your foundation. You can use concrete, which offers a stable foundation. You can also go for a simpler foundation using salvaged materials such as railroad ties. Your foundation will affect the cost of your greenhouse, so keep your budget in mind when deciding on this.

Additional Greenhouse Heating And Greenhouse Irrigation

Step #7. If there's room in your budget, add elements which will make your greenhouse more convenient and comfortable for you as a gardener. Heating and irrigation systems are a great addition and are in fact essential in some climates. Adding benches so you can relax and enjoy your greenhouse is also a great idea - you can even have a garden party in the dead of winter!

Using Greenhouse Pest Control

Step #8. Use organic pest control methods such as introducing natural predators which can keep the population of problematic insects down. Also, quarantining a plant which is infested with pests can control the spread of damage from these pests.

Plan Greenhouse Construction Space For Storage

Step #9. Be sure to plan some space for storage. You'll want somewhere to keep your tools, fertilizer and potting soil. Consider placing a tool rack and a bin to keep soil and fertilizer near your potting bench for convenience. You could also use buckets or specially designed tool holders to keep your equipment handy for when you're puttering around the greenhouse. Small greenhouse grow racks work awesome in situations where people are tight on space, I highly recommend looking into those.

Why a do it yourself greenhouse?

There are so many reasons but it is cheaper than buying one, environmentally friendly, relaxing, and really it is something you can take pride in. Wouldn't you like to brag to your neighbors about your awesome hand build greenhouse? Also will be jealous of your garden in no time, its a fact!

Why should you follow these 9 steps?

These steps are the 9 most important and biggest problems people face when a building DIY greenhouse. Not taking these steps into account could very turn into a huge inconvenience. All you have to do is stick to these guidelines and you will be GROW ing wild in no time!

Whitney Segura is a expert at building, buying, and using Mini Greenhouse Kits and Rion Hobby Greenhouses.

Feel free to send a message if you have any need some help or have any questions at all. You can never have enough friends, that's for sure!

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