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Know the Importance of Having a Dependable Compressed Air Dryer

Compressed Air Dryer: Overview

Knowing the importance of a dependable compressed air dryer is necessary in the operation of industrial plants. A compressed air dryer is the one that removes moisture from an air dryer system to prevent the downstream of the equipment. Contaminants start to build up in the air dryer when the moisture is not totally removed. Scale, bacteria, rust and water will begin to form in the compressed air dryer, thus causing it to be damaged and will also trigger the contaminants to destroy product batches or pollute food or pharmaceutical products.

How it Works

A compressed air dryer runs the compressed air through a chamber where the desiccants like silica gel or activated alumina are filled. These desiccants absorb the moisture and trap them in its pores. For compressed air dryers with a smart controller, as soon as the dew point is saturated, the chambers are changed. The saturated desiccant is dried by the dryer’s hot air. The purge of hot air dries away the moisture and prepares the desiccant to its next cycle. Other air dryers have a set timer for the chambers to change. For most compressed air dryer available in the market, the design is for it to have a -40°F dew point. It is a proven fact that at this temperature, growth of bacteria is eliminated and this is the right amount that prevents freeze-ups.

Different Types of Compressed Air Dryers

1) Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer

2) Regenerative Compressed Air Dryer

3) Membrane Compressed Air Dryer

A dependable compressed air dryer is a source of energy used in various processes and operations. It is used in heaters, ventilators, air conditioning units, motors and process actuators. Air is supplied in varying degrees of pressure and filtration depending on the use. A compressed air dryer may also be used for systems in low pressure and with pneumatic control.

Choose a Dependable Compressed Air Dryer

For the operation of an industrial plant, a compressed air dryer is vital to deliver solutions for air purifying needs. The role of the compressed air dryer is to improve the air quality that will be circulating throughout the entire plant, that is, from the location of the compressor to all other rooms in operation.

Choosing a dependable compressed air dryer depends on the dryer’s ability to supply air filtration needs. It should perform reliably and efficiently meaning, the compressed air dryer should increase the industrial plant’s productivity and lower operating costs or energy requirements through the volume of air supplied by the air dryer. It should be suited to the needs of the entire plant’s operations. So the compressed air dryer that you choose should be able to supply air quality requirements at a minimum energy level required.

About the Author

A compressed air dryer is relied upon by any process and industrial plants for its in-house generation of compressed air. compressed air dryer from Van Air Systems will keep your air system flowing. Extensive engineering capability combined with several years of experience; they surely know the importance of a dependable compressed air dryer.

Would this be a critical point where you remembered your Father?

................My Father's Little Girl

Morning came long before the dew, the frost....
And morning came long before my Father...
He would never have allowed the frost to
Touch me...not my Father's mornings...

Can I ever go back to his warm mornings
By the ceramic, floor heaters...if I could...
Yes, my Father, I would wrap you in my
Blankets, not let the cold in, not trouble

Your knees, legs...heart. Never.
But once, and only once, I saw my Father
Tremble, shiver...I was seven, and I had
No sight of it ever again...his anger.

His little girl had one knew...
He did. Wrapped me in a blanket...
Needles...I.V.'s...oxygen tent...way back

You see, my Father is a hero...not for the
Simplicity of understanding...but, by far...
His love of his little girl...his magnificent

This Yellow Rose is
For his heart.

Picture of a man
Holding a little girls hand.
Yellow petals fall.


Very sweet. Father would be so proud. My daughter gave me a framed picture of she and I, and inscribed on the chrome frame "Daddy's Girl". I was touched.

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