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I have been previously a member of Reddit for 2 years and never made over 1.00 a month on Hubpages which is not surprising due to the fact I have published lower than 10 lenses in that time. But I are determined its time to change that so here is my personal personal 365 Squidoo objective. How much money can I help make on Squidoo over the next year Can I accomplish my goals I do believe that with enough effort it is possible and I intend to spend the next twelve months finding out. I am thus making this lens not only to be a record for myself nevertheless hopefully it will if successful encourage others who want to make money with Squidoo.
This is what I do..
I will build as much lenses as I can during the time period my goal is at least one lens a day. Dfk lens That would produce 365 lenses by this time buy
I will keep take note of what I do for each lens how I promote it etc
I will up-date this page each month together with my earnings and then any new methods We have tried.
Start date 11082011 .... End date 11082012
Want me luck

Lenses Published - 31

My Objectives to Make Money on Squidoo

Here is my current list of goals with regard to my personal challenge..
Distribute at least one lens a day much more if I can Find my first rate 2 lens cost Get my initial tier 1 lens payment Get one of my lenses loved by a giant squid Get one associated with my lenses blessed by a squid angel Get one lens to 100 complete Be a giant squid Make 20 in a single month Make 50 in a single month Make 100 in a month Earn a Purple Star
So what on earth do you think Are these kind of goals realistic I will update them when and if I complete every goal and combine goals throughout the difficult task.

If there are every other non-earners out there on squidoo who would like to take up the challenge with me and start their unique 1 year income zoom lens please do just begin your 1 year challenge lens tag the item 365 squidoo and let me know and i also will link to the item right here

About Me

Rather than going on about exactly why I want to make money upon Squidoo who here will not I thought I would inform you a little about how I plan to fit 365 times of Squidoo into playing. I have 3 children Im 30 years old and I work beyond the home 6 times a week part time. To put it differently I dont have a considerable amount of time on my hands a minimum of free time whatever which is Right now I have about an hour and a half available to us each day to work on my own challenge I think that is enough time to write one particular lens each day . For the way it goes I may make an effort to increase the time My spouse and i spend working on our lenses or I may increase how many upgraded lenses I write we will have as time goes on but for now I will try for a minimum of one per day.
In any free time that we have I like to study fantasy fiction in addition to crime novels make websites play classical guitar baking and wedding cake decoration. I also like organizing kids functions. All of which will probably arrive regularly in my lenses..
365 Squidoo Experiment Method intended for My 365 Lenses

In addition to publishing a contact lens a day or 365 lens in 365 days space whichever comes 1st I want to experiment with different ways of making lenses. So this is my list of the way i am planning on undertaking my lenses. Were dividing my lenses into blocks to understand the different methods that men and women use to make the lenses and with any luck in the process discovering that are the best methods to work with. Below is my initial plan it may transform... each number refers to some block of Thirty lenses published. for example. no1 20 contacts using that method. no2 20 lenses using that method and so on...
Certainly the results will not be evident for quite a few many weeks but I am thinking long term here -

No Market and keyword research - This is the construct it and they will come method 20 lenses employing no keyword research by any means. Writing on topics as they pop directly into my head. Will probably this method prove to be pretty much profitable than different methods will it carry more or less organic traffic Done
Keyword Research Using The Keyword Tool Dominator Everyone of this batch involving 20 lenses will be researched using Key word Tool Dominator not an internet marketer link How will most of these lenses stack up towards other methods I take advantage of Which is the best keyword device
Keyword Research Using Marketplace Samurai Another 20 lens this time using the well-known Market Samurai tool affiliate marketer link . Testing to find out which is the better keyword research approach if any be aware- they keyword research software in market samurai costs nothing.
Keyword Research Using Targeted traffic Travis 4 And another Thirty batch using Site visitors Travis 4 Keyword Research Device. This tool is a bit push chair so I dont be expecting very accurate benefits but we will see
Something like 20 Lenses on One Topic I am dreading this I dont mind writing on the same topic as long as its spread out nevertheless 20 lenses back to back all on devoted to one topic will be my toughest obstacle so far
20 Merchandise Review Lenses Ive found product reviews hard to publish so this will be a different tough one in my opinion trying to find the balance amongst promotion and good quality content selling without having to be too blatant about it and providing valuable information to the target audience at the same time.
20 Info Lenses 20 lens that are purely informative eg how to teach youngsters to tie their particular shoes or something similar
Thats A hundred and forty lenses spoken for so far I will increase the list when I think up more any tips are welcome only leave me a comment at the bottom of the web page
365 Updates
16082011 - Time 5 10 lenses published in 5 days to weeks 5 Lenses squidliked through Giant Squids Thanks to Sylvestermouse Kab Rms in addition to Franstan for helping us to achieve one of the first goals

23082011 -- Day 12 Simply completed my The twentieth lens Just a be aware I will be using different methods for all my contacts most likely in blocks of 20. Regarding example 20 without keyphrase research 20 with niche research etc. At the moment We have 7 lenses of which fall within collection 3 none with teir 2 and its unlikely that any in teir 1 still

11092011 - Day 31 Well its been 1 month since my challenge started and I thought I would add a tiny update. I have were publish only Twenty-eight lenses 3 in need of my goal for the thirty day period. I will make these kinds of up in the next week because I really want to keep on track. I cannot update my revenue until the official payday advance but I expect will probably be very low I havent manufactured any sales on my small lenses yet and almost all of them are way too new to earn from your ad pool this month. Either way Ill be adding an earning table to the standard zoom lens after payday that can keep track of lenses publicized income earned.

19092011 - Day Twenty Well payday is here and gone and because this challenge didnt start off until August We have no earning within this payday. However My business is very happy to report that I made my very first Amazon sale through one of my upgraded lenses You may notice that I am a tad behind on my contact lenses however I will be making up ground. I took time seem to do some keyword research in addition to organize my topics for my future lot of lenses i really expect to have caught up by simply next payday
Promoting Blogger Lenses

Okay this can be the section that I am obtaining the most difficulty having at only one month in my 365 challenge Weve come to the realization that I havent produced plan for promoting my personal lenses or factored in the time it will take to enhance them So I wish to ask you guys for just a really big favor I need to find the best types of promoting lenses as well as building traffic to ensure that I can test them away and find out what is most reliable and document that here. It will not only let me but hopefully assist anyone who reads this kind of lens so if you employ a moment please help me with my 365 obstacle by sharing ones no 1 tip with regard to lens promotion beneath
Make Money on Squidoo Rapid Facts As I learn about making money on Reddit I will add that what I have learned here

This is for filling in speedy facts about making money about squidoo anything that I come across that I couldnt know will be added when i go

Did You Know Fresh lenses that have been posted less than a month dont earn any revenue from the ad discuss pool. Your contact lens must be published at lowest one month before it is allowed to earn money from the pool area however you can still earn from any of the affiliate segments.
My Achievements

These may simply be small achievements however wanted to share these people because they help to keep us motivated with our lenses. I appreciate encouragement

Dfk lens The Kodak has unveiled yet another amazing camera that comes with mega-zoom digital camera. The camera is a 12 MP camera and has a 26mm wide angle lens with 24 X zoom. You will also find that the company has also provided a detachable vertical grip with shutter release combined with the capability of Hd recording. The Kodak has often produced some preferred and hottest solutions which have constantly pleased their customers and also have produced them thrilled with the functionality plus the charge on the merchandise that they make.
The Kodak easyshare Z980 also elements some remarkable management and has some progressive wise capabilities that will deliver some great and fantastic pictures. The Kodak Easyshare may be a 24 X image stabilized and has optical zoom lens using a vertical shutter release. The digicam includes a very hot shoe. Even for all those who are specialists the digital camera from Kodak enables them to take care of the gap and also the wider angle shots easily and instantly delivers the best.

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