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  1. This listing is for one (1) Dove Prism. The physical size of the prism is 75.5mm on the base, opposite the base or the top is 41.25mm, the hypotenuse is 25mm and the width and height are 18.2mm. The corners are beveled for protection and there is a opening in the top which allowed a small metal insert to be installed so that the prism could be mounted. These prisms are clear with no dark coating or metal insert and the picture of the coated one with the mount is for information only. This listing is for one uncoated prism that was stored in open packaging. Prisms for commercial applications are stored in sealed wrappings and not touched by a ungloved hands. These are in unused condition and have amazing high polished ends and base but have not been stored in protective packaging. So although these prisms may have commercial applications I am selling them as "For Experimentation" as they have not been stored in sealed packaging and have unknown properties. You will receive one (1) prism that has been inspected with a magnifying glass and found to be free of visible defects. This is not to say that there may be micro scratches. From packaging I have from other prisms that came with this lot I will say that these were made under contract to the US Ordnance Department in 1954 by Dykoski-Beck, Inc. Minneapolis, Minn.  I could find no reference to this company but I did find reference to a K. E. Dykoski, Assistant Professor in Astronomy, University of Minnesota, who made 300 roof prisms during WW2 for range finders, tank optics, etc for Frankford Arsenal so it is my guess that this same professor started a company making prisms in Minnesota and continued to supply the US Government with prisms. The article can be found by Googling "Dykoski Albert Ingalls and the Roof Prism Gang".  If your interested in buying a small lot of these prisms send me a message through eBay with a offer and I will let you know. Check out my other listings for similar prisms that have been coated and have a mount. For your information when viewing through the ends of the prism the object being viewed is seen inverted. When the prism is turned 90's the image is seen as normal The ends and bottom have the polished surfaces and the sides and top are not polished and opaque. Buyer pays $3.00 USPS shipping and handling in the 48 States and a PayPal is required after the purchase. No additional shpping cost if you buy multiple prisms. These will be wrapped in a lint free wipe, then protective wrapped and shipped in a bubble envelope. 

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