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I'm a long time Dynamax owner and hoarder unfortunately.  I have had at least 12 of these over the the years beginning in 1979.  This model built in 1980.  I only purchase the best ones optically,  and realign and assemble if they don't perform as good as a C8.  This is one didn't need any work, and is very good.  Pinpoint stars, planetary details are amazing. I was looking at Jupiter during unusual clear night and the bands and detail jumped right out at me.  Mirror and optics are enclosed and sealed in tube, so if properly taken care of coatings should last for years.   Optics are the heart and primary purpose of a scope, so if it is optical performance you want from a D8, this is it.  It should: 1.  Keep it's value or increase, this is one of 3,500+ built from the years 1972 through 1983, about 1 per day.  And built in the USA in Hartford Ct.   2. Will last as long as you do, take care of it, pass it on to a family member.  3.  The drive system tracks nicely, everything is original and works.  4. The tri-pod is in Very good shape, well cared for and gold anodize is in fine condition.  Comes with one 25mg wide field Plossyl eyepiece and a barlow 2x which will increase power  x2. or to 12.5.  That's all you need, but of course any additional eyepieces will only enhance your experience.  Hate to part with it.   Shipping of both scope and tripod varies.  2- boxes at $100.00 should cover it , but may be more if location is in further zones. Will sell separately, scope for 550.00 and tripod for 400.00.   Email for estimate shipping. Thank you.

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