Welcome to my lens on How to make money with Squidoo.
Squidoo offers great potential for money making online with affiliate marketing or for selling your own products too.
In reality which you could use Squidoo only to create a good living from making good quality lenses on your own
Squidoo is in which You could turned out to be the specialist inside your field. Youll be able to reveal off what you know very easily and probably get paid for it
Squidoo allows for you to put in writing articles or blog posts share video clips add images create an RSS feed from the web site include your Twitter feed create your beloved hyperlinks and a ton additional.
On major of being able to share articles and other content comfortably you can actually create funds getting Modules on your Squidoo lenses to acquire compensated. Ed barlow lens
These modules help it become easy to make cash from ebay amazon google adsense together with other software programs.
As well as other quick way to generate income with Squidoo is always that you can actually even get compensated for referring people to be a part of Squidoo
However the greatest aspect of Squidoo is the fact it is really entirely 100 free to be part of and produce lenses. It can be essentially definitely entertaining also
I hope you benefit from and understand a good deal from this lens
Stuart - Your Via the internet Revenue Instructor
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You have to be excited to go and make money with Squidoo so I would like to provide you with some added guide.
Grab this absolutely free PDF report that reveals some ultra powerful tricks you ought to know about getting income on Squidoo.
It can be entirely free of cost to obtain so go get your duplicate now
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Inside of you will explore....
How A Broke And Disappointed Huge School Background Instructor Went From Online No one To World-Wide Qualified Working with The Cost-free Exposure at Squidoo.com
Its true.. Squidoo can adjust peoples lives. So well before you jump into Squidoo I advocate you download this report and find out the techniques on the pros who may have already mastered it
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Then immediately after downloading occur again to this page and try one other content and lenses Ive developed.

3 Causes Why Squidoo.com Rocks If you are not utilizing Squidoo you happen to be truly missing out...
one. Squidoo is better than Absolutely free.. it is really Absolutely free Therefore you may make Money with it
What is superior than zero cost Something that is absolutely free you can change into Money
All you must do it create superior quality area of interest targeted lenses which incorporate some capital getting modules or backlinks for your websites so you possess a funds generating device that failed to cost you anything
two. Youll find it Quick Simple to use
Squidoo is perfect for people today who are just getting started in on-line marketing.
This place lets youve your own private web space without having to go through all the technical steps of setting up your individual website.
In literally minutes it is possible to have your own personal website basically with anything you want on it. make sure you read the TOS and follow it
If youre looking for a place to quickly get a page up to showcase your expertise knowledge or a product recommendation squidoo is the place to accomplish it
3. The Place is a Monster Traffic Magnet
1 listings in Google anyone
Squidoo lenses are perfectly optimized for the search engines. Google loves it.. and so do all one other big search engines.
And you know that Search engines deliver one of the best good quality traffic AND all that traffic is cost-free.
I get hundreds of free targeted visitors to my lenses every day. Many of them click on ads or go to my website.. so all that traffic doesnt fee me one penny
There was some commotion over Squidoo getting slapped by Google recently but that has just made Squidoo an even more desirable place to build pages lenses.
Are you starting to see the prospective here
The best thing is Squidoo is getting bigger and far better everyday. The community is growing and there as is the abundance of knowledge on just about any topic you can imagine.
To be a part of in the fun and profit all you will have to try and do is build a zero cost account build a fantastic lens with article content modules and backlinks for your sites and youre set up to start making dollars.
I love it and think it truly is one in the preferred resources on the web for showcasing your expertise and sharing it with others. You are likely to fall in love with it much too once you get started and see rolling in

How to Squeeze Capital Out of your Squidoo Lens 6 Tips For A Dollars Doing Lens
So youve figured out that building Squidoo lenses is an simple way to make a few more dollars on the internet.
Here are 6 tips to create your lenses much more profitable for you.
1 Generate a Tightly Niche Concentrated Lens
This is where most most people screw up. They put content and also other written content about their holiday their job their hobby and their dog all in the same lens
To create an effective lens it needs to be focused on one particular topic. The tighter your niche the more desirable.
Men and women on the web are looking for very particular information and if your lens is far too broad they wont stick around long.
For example if you create a lens on dog training then keep everything on that web page about dog training. Dont start adding posts about dog breeding. Although it is pretty closely related it is really a different topic altogether. You might make another lens about dog breeding.
4 Wonderful Interesting Content
Consumers are on the world-wide-web to find information and have a pleasurable time finding it.
If your lens is one boring long essay with only text text and additional text they wont stick around to read it.
Posts are good because it is really information that persons want but spice them up with pics images videos bullets points.
And be a little creative with article titles. List are awesome here.. e.g. 6 ways to acquire the romance back into your relationship.
But only article content is not great... only bucks earning modules and no information is not decent either.
Keep a nice balance also and your visitor will benefit from reading your lens
3 Feature Capital Getting Modules Affiliate Links
Soon after youve got your topic and material on your web page you may add your dollars doing modules.
These consist of modules like Ebay Amazon Cafepress Zazzle including a few others. These will let you reveal products and solutions that you just can make some straightforward affiliate commissions when your reader goers and buys a product.
To create hyperlinks on your website or an affiliate link it is easy to use the Write module or the link list. In the write module you are able to inset basic html for images and hyperlinks.
The best tactic to use hyperlinks is to direct visitors on your squeeze web page just where they can sign up for your newsletter or download a freebie.
This method is known as list making and is perhaps the most strong and fail-proof way to generate income on the internet because once they are on your list you are able to contact them over and over again.
Or if you dont have your individual web site yet link directly with your affiliate backlinks to products and offers that you might be promoting.
Just make sure the sites i.e. products and solutions and supplies you link to are related to your lens
4 Get Traffic in your Lens
Once youve got an interesting and informative lens with superior articles money building modules and backlinks on it youve got a good base for building revenue with squidoo
Now the final ingredient is to have traffic on your lens. i.e. persons to see your lens
There are quite a bit of ways to acquire traffic but the main one will be from the search engines. Your lens will naturally get picked up by the search engines simply because it truly is on Squidoo. Traffic will also come naturally but there are some tricks to getting alot more traffic.
5 Keywords
Keywords are extremely important with selling on-line - especially if you rely on search engines for your traffic.
Keywords are the terms individuals search for when they go to Google to find out about a topic or product or nearly anything they choose to know.
I.e. If your lens is about dog training then these are your keywords. Consumers who type in dog training into google or search for that on Squidoo will be capable to find your lens.
This step should have occur earlier but having keywords with your lens URL is very important. Once you choose your lens URL you cant alter it so keep this in mind for the next lens you develop.
Include keywords for your lens title too This is extremely important to getting elevated ranks in Google. Then you are given the chance to add keywords to the tags of your lens. These can be nearly anything relate on your lens topic.
6 Keep it Neat
The ideal lenses are the ones that are to the point and not full of clutter and useless distractions. This goes for information AND ads on your lens
If you are promoting a website or product thats fine but keep the ads to a minimum and dont possess a dozen different ads. Keep everything nice and tightly centered.
It is wonderful to create Amazon product modules but dont list everything under the sun. Choose one or two related solutions.
By giving your lens visitor much too many choices theyre likely to have confused and hit the back button.
These are some of the tips you possibly can find in my free Squidoo Techniques report. Obtain it now and know extra

5 Very best Ways to Drive Free Traffic to your Lenses Got to love no cost traffic
No cost website traffic generation is what its all about for marketers working with Squidoo.
Although Squidoo lenses are by now highly optimized for search engines and currently within the close Squidoo family meaning your lenses are just a click away there are a few a lot more ways to put your lenses on steroids and BOOST traffic on your lenses.
Here are the 5 perfect ways I have been by using to drive additional traffic to my squidoo lenses.
And also the greatest aspect is..theyre all free methods.
1. Fill your lens with superior unique information
You might have heard this before but when it comes to search engine domination content is KING
Your lens needs to have fantastic content with the right keywords in it to receive zero cost traffic from Google. I highly recommend you may have at least three articles or blog posts that are 300 words or extra. The extra the superior because search engines love pages with fantastic content... so do real persons
two. Ping your lenses
Upon publishing your lens let the search engines learn about it by pinging it. When you send out a ping they will know there is a new web page on the web with fresh written content on it.
I use www.Ping-o-matic.com and www.Pingoat.com. These are multi ping sites that let you ping a whole bunch of web-sites quickly with one submission.
Theyre also zero cost to use so thats another reason to use them
3. Publish and submit articles
This is also known as article internet marketing. Youll find it basically writing and submitting articles to on the internet article directory internet websites so you get a backlink and those content articles also send you traffic.
Again make your posts related to your lens topic and original material. Article directories like www.EzineArticles.com get massive traffic and Google loves it.
4. Build a Network of Squidoo lenses
The a lot more lenses you make and link together the significantly more chances youve of a chain reaction of traffic.
You possibly can use the lensroll function on the right sidebar of your lens web page to link in your other lenses. If your lens is superior individuals will naturally wish to consider your other lenses.
5. Update Your Lenses
Regularly update your lenses with fresh material.. even if it is really just a paragraph. Just like blogging fresh material is quickly picked up by Google.
Also when individuals are searching on Squidoo they can choose to view the most recently updated lenses.
A real quick solution to update your lenses is to simply add alot more tags.
I hope these tips aid you get more traffic on your squidoo lenses.

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