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Many tattoos of the Twentieth Century have been based upon mythological creatures. Unlike the past centuries, the mythology behind many of the subjects of lore have become a lot more fantastic and alluring to people of all ages nowadays. Still, there are those few groups (I usually like to call Bible-pounders) that believe the entire ideas behind tattoos are Satanic and blasphemous. I will always say, “To each his own”. That philosophy works with everything for me. Don’t like the radio station? Change it! Not interested in what is being played on the television? Turn it off! Don’t like tattoos? Don’t get one! Geez, is this that difficult?

Have you ever read the true Grimm Fairy Tales? They certainly do not have the Walt Disney “G” ratings on the original versions of the stories! Take the fable of “Snow White.” In the Disney ending, she and Prince Charming live happily ever after. However, the wicked stepmother in Grimm’s fairy tales was brought before the couple on their wedding day. There – in front of the wedding revelers – it is written that the stepmother was forced to dance in iron shoes – heated upon a blazing fire – until she dropped dead from the ordeal! Hmm, I must have missed that part in the Disney version!

Nevertheless, one can see how the beginnings of one myth or folklore can be changed over the centuries, to adapt to a more “G” rated crowd. The same can be said for certain designed tattoos. From the more arcane skulls and dragons, to the celestial fairies and hearts – the original meanings surrounding many of these designs have become more suitable to the owner of such tattoo art. Did you know that an ankle bracelet tattoo used to ward away the fear of drowning? On the other hand, some Native American tribes would etch markings upon their faces if they were hurting from something. (I.E. Chronic headache sufferers would tattoo their foreheads. Toothache victims would tattoo their cheeks.)

Whatever the reasons may have been, somewhere along the lines, hundreds – if not thousands – of designed tattoos have had their original meanings wiped clean, and were replaced with the more “G” rated idealisms of the Twentieth Century. I have two fairy tattoos, and they both are elegant, beautiful, nude wood nymphs. However, after a bit of research, I found that much fairy lore originated back to Ireland.

Would you ever guess the creatures of Ireland are told to look more troll-like and evil – performing all kinds of mischievousness for the farmers and other landowners within the “fairy” properties? In fact, many natives believe that to anger the fairies could cause even more catastrophic occurrences, such as the burning down of homes, and loss of life to both cattle as well as humans. Okay, the physique of the fairy tattoos that I have etched upon me truly differ, but as far as the mischievousness and the anger issues . . . well, nobody’s perfect.

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Can I remove aluminium oxide with vinegar ?

I have some aluminium engine parts that I intend to paint with high temperature engine paint. The parts have been glass bead blasted and have been hanging around in my garage for the lastr week. I've been told I will only get good paint adhesion if I use an etch primer because aluminium oxidises so quickly. I've also been told I can remove the oxide layer for painting without a primer by soaking the parts in a 50% vinegar solution for an hour. Do you think this would work? I don't have access to any industrial chemicals, only household items. Thanks.


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