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Explore Scientific 8x50mm Polar Illuminated Correct Image Finder Scope

Explore Scientific 8x50mm Polar Illuminated Correct Image Finder Scope

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Erect image, illuminated eyepiece, variable brightness, North/South polar markings, great for polar alignment, quick release bracket, fully multi-coated optics

Please note: This finder now comes with Explore Scientific's new FNDRILLUM-02. This long-life illuminator now allows the use of easy to find AAA batteries. 2-AAA batteries required. Batteries not included.

Explore Scientific's new 8x50mm Illuminated Correct Image Polar Finder Scope with Bracket # VFEI0850-RA

The 8x50 Right Angle Erect Image Illuminated Polar Finder Scope, with its Northern and Southern polar reference markings, allows for quick and precise polar alignments with any equatorial mount. The deep red illumination can be controlled by the variable brightness knob, which also serves as the illuminator's on/off switch. This finder produces a wide 7° field of view and allows precision focus of both the main objective and the eyepiece reticle. It produces an image that is right-side-up and left-to-right corrected views, which makes it easier to find objects in the sky.

Each finderscope comes complete with its own dual-ring quick release finder bracket and batteries for the illuminator. Please note that no base is included as almost all Explore Scientific telescopes already include this base as standard equipment. However, you can also buy a base separately if required.

Polar Alignment Assistance: The Explore Scientific Right Angle Illuminated Polar Finder Scope can be used with any equatorial mount. The North & South hemisphere polar reference markings provide assistance when going through the task of polar alignment.

Precision Optics: Explore Scientific's Finder Scope optics are made with the same precision and care as our telescopes and eyepieces. The optics are multi-coated to produce maximum contrast, further enhancing their ability to find faint objects in the night sky. Each Explore Scientific Correct-Image Finder Scope is identified with its own serial number and carries the Explore STAR Warranty.

Quality Erecting Prisms: The erecting prisms of the Explore Scientific Correct Image Finder Scopes are precision ground and polished to produce bright, high-resolution images.

Quick Release Bracket: The quick-release design of the Explore Scientific finderscope bracket allows you to attach the finder to your telescope quickly and easily. The dual rings securing your finder have three point adjustment knobs.

Right Angle Correct Image Views: Many people prefer a right angle finderscope when observing. The Explore Right Angle Illuminated Finder not only fills this requirement but provides correct image, illuminated views of the night sky.

Variable Illuminator: The illuminator screws into the end if the finder and can be removed easily to change batteries. The deep red illumination can be adjusted for brightness.


  • 200mm x 62mm x 112mm 1lb 9.1 oz
  • Weight: Finder tube = 1lb-9.1oz. (711g), Bracket = 4.1oz. (113g)
  • Finder tube diameter = 2.16" (54.9mm), Dewshield front diameter = 2.19" (55.7mm)
  • Finder length = 8.46" (215mm)
  • Finder bracket inside diameter = 2.39" (60.7mm)

Note: Occasionally, the product you receive might have a slightly different cosmetic appearance or labeling than what is shown. This can often change from batch to batch according to the whims of the manufacturer. However, you will always receive a brand new, original product as described above.

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