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Explore Scientific 8" Carbon Fiber Newtonian Astrograph

     -Excellent Used Condition

     -Explore Scientific F208CF-01
     -Stellarvue 50mm Little Rascal
     -1.25 Laser Collimator
     -50mm Visual Extension

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Explore Scientific:

The Explore Scientific N208CF-01 Newtonian - Astrograph Edition offers large aperture and super-wide field at f3.9. Field tested and updated by astrophotographers, this 208mm f/3.9 Newtonian produces tight, round stars with the recommended HR Variable Coma Corrector. This telescope assembly with its Carbon Fiber tube has very low expansion characteristics to hold its focus position, is also very lightweight, and a lightweight telescope performs better on any mount that it is placed on.

The very fast f-ratio f/3.9 Parabolic Newtonian with Borosilicate Secondary and Low Expansion H-PZ33 Primary Mirror optics provides a focal length of 812mm. The already very bright visual images is further enhanced with 97% reflectivity EMD coatings. No-tool 3-point push-pull collimatable secondary holder adjustments and no tool adjustments for the "clipless" primary mirror holder cell have locks to keep optics aligned for the best images.

Precise focusing is achieved with the Two Speed 2-inch Rack & Pinion Focuser with 50mm Extension Tube, and 1.25-inch Adapter.

Other features include a finder scope base to mount an optional correct image Explore Scientific 8x50 Illuminated Polar Right Angle Finder Scope or the correct image Explore Scientific 8x50 Straight Through Illuminated Viewfinder.

The Explore Scientific N208CF Newtonian is handled and supported by metal Cradle Rings with a contoured metal Handle/Grip that is slotted to allow a 1/4x20 attachment bolt for piggyback attachment of a DSLR. The 45mm Wide, 203mm Long Dovetail Plate (Vixen-style) mounts to fit a huge range of mounts from Explore Scientific and other brands. This dovetail plate has adjustment bolts with locks to adjust for precision cone angle adjustments.

The package includes a padded, top-loading Soft Carrying Case to protect the optical tube assembly while transporting the instrument to your backyard or your favorite dark sky site for an imaging run or deep sky visual observations.


Item NumberN208CF-01

-Parabolic primary Mirror Diameter 208mm

-Secondary Mirror Diameter (M.A.) 72mm

-Focal Length 812mm

-Focal Ratio f/3.9

-Resolving Power .6 arc seconds

-Optical Tube Assembly Weight with rings 19.1lb

-Dovetail Plate 45mm Wide (Vixen-style)

-Material Primary mirror Special low expansion H-PZ33

-Material Secondary mirror Borosilicate-glass with low thermal expansion, individually matched to main mirror.


Stellarvue 50 mm f/4.1 Little Rascal Travel Scope
A compact, self-contained refractor travel scope, the Stellarvue Little Rascal delivers a wide image with correct orientation. Includes a travel case with foam-lined interior, two wide angle eyepieces, and mounting ring with base for attaching to a camera tripod via 1/4"-20 threaded hole.

When this small telescope is mounted to a camera tripod, insert the included 20 mm eyepiece for a wide 6.5º field of view with night sky objects magnified by a factor of 10 compared to the unaided human eye with a 50x brightness increase. This combination produces a 5 mm exit pupil, optimal for dark sky observing. Using the included 8 mm eyepiece provides 25x magnification and a 2.4º field of view.

In addition to observing large areas of the night sky, this light instrument also works great for nature viewing. All optics, including the objective lens and erecting prism, are fully multi-coated for high contrast, while the focuser offers full rotation

Stellarvue Little Rascal F4.1


50mm (1.97")

Focal Length


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