Eyeglass Binoculars

Binoculars are one of the best created wonders of science. They help to see things closer which cannot be viewed by the human eye. The binocular glasses are one of the new inventions on the block. These are normal glasses but with added lens of a binocular, they can be used for reading and to view objects which are at a long distance. Created by Johannes Buttgenbach, it has captured half of the world's attention since its creation. He has patented these glasses in the United States and Europe and holds the right to sell these glasses in the United States.

They are light weight, 1.2 ounces which is very light in binocular terms. It has high quality optics as they are German made. These glasses can be worn for regular use as they are light weighted & there is no strain on the eyes as they are made from high quality optics. There is no fatigue also as the glasses are made out of high quality material. They can be customized according to the number that you have. One of the unique features is that these glasses can fit anyone as it has a patented grid system. This feature allows the glasses to be adjusted according to your head size.

You can use the binocular option when you want to view an object which is not visible to the human eye. The binoculars are detachable so they can be taken out while reading. Some of the models you just have to flip them upwards so that you can continue with your reading. Internet is the best place to purchase the binocular glasses as you will get lot of deigns which will suit your personality. The rates can also be compared between two or more suppliers as there is a huge demand in the United States. Binocular Glasses have to be maintained from scratches and external damage.

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The lenses in eyeglasses and binoculars work because of _______.?

A. reflection
B. refraction
C. interference
D. diffraction

B refraction

When the light passes through substances of different refractive index at an angle, the light rays will be bent. (In the case of a lens, because the surface is curved, even though the light heads straight at it is still bent).

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