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Multifunctional wide angle eyepiece

These Baader Hyperion eyepieces achieve a new standard of quality and sophistication:
A 68 grad field of view - physiologically optimal for the eye. The largest angle where the entire field of view remains visible, even when taking into account slight involuntary movements of the observers head.
Perfectly sharp over the entire field of view due to 8 lens elements arranged in 5 groups.
Excellent color fidelity right up to the edge of the field of view.
Two eyepieces in one! When using the 2" barrel, the eyepiece can provide two focal lengths - without the negative achromatic group it is a 2" wide field low magnification eyepiece; and the nominal magnification with the 1.25" negative achromat group.
The lowest possible distortion and, at the same time, very low astigmatism by using high refractive index glass elements.
Shortest field stop position of all wide field eyepieces known to us.
Specifically designed for binocular viewing.
Comfortable viewing! No `kidney-bean effect`. The image remains visible even with involuntary head movements. Many wide field eyepiece designs are very sensitive to this.
Another highlight of these eyepieces is that they are also suitable as protective lenses for photography. The eye cup can be removed and replaced by an M43-T2 adapter. This results in useful options for connecting SLR and digital cameras. A variety of adapter rings allow connection to almost any camera with a front thread. Video cameras and webcams can also be connected. Also, the focal length of the eyepiece can be changed by inserting spacers. The diameter of the eyepieces allows their use in bino-viewers. The eye cups fold down, providing sufficient eye relief for spectacle wearers. A suitable pouch is also included.
The advantages in a nutshell:

  • high quality workmanship
  • relaxed viewing
  • large field of view
  • perfect sharpness
  • excellent color fidelity
  • dual use with 1.25" and 2" barrels
  • low distortion
  • low astigmatism
  • no kidney bean effect
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