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Product DetailsModel: 7.5-22.5mm telescope zoom eyepiece Focal length: 7.5mm-22.5mm, Promise zoom, Promise times Size: Standard 1.25 inch / 31.7mm astronomical telescope universal accessories Coating: optical lens, FMC all-plated green purple film, high-definition Features: rotating goggles, continuous zoom, high-definition Applicable: heaven and earth, applicable to all astronomical telescopes (31.7mm interface), used to watch the windKing and astronomical observations of the surface of the moon, planets, nebulae, clusters, scattered nebula and other objects, high brightness, largeField, the observation is very comfortable; metal mirror body, the whole surface multi-layer coating, high-quality optical performance.A variable eyepiece is equivalent to a number of eyepieces, high to low times, short focus to telephoto, cost is very highIt will adjust the fold, very practical eyepiece.Shock box packaging, easy to carry safe.

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