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Eyeskey Telescope Mobile Phone Clip Universal Digital Camera Phone Bracket T3F7

1. INTRODUCTION (1) Name: Mobile device holder(2) Model: CM-6
(3) Color: Black(4) Material: Plastic
(5) Net weight: 94g (3.32z)(6) Application: Connect mobile device to telescopes to take photos
(7) Eyepiece bayonet connection: Compatible with telescope whose eyepiece outer diameter is between 27mm-53mm (1.06 inch-2.09 inch)
(8) Rubber sucker connection: Connected to mobile device with camera or video function, such as smartphones, tablet computers
Adjusting nut: Rotate clockwise to narrow
eyepiece bayonet, or anticlockwise to expand
eyepiece bayonet
Eyepiece bayonet: Internal diameter is between 27mm-53mm (1.06 inch-2.09 inch)
Fine adjustment screw: Loosen to adjust
eyepiece bayonet
Rubber sucker: Connected with mobile device
Sucker lever: Pull up to loosen
rubber sucker, or push down to tighten ? rubber sucker
(1) Preferentially take photos with Press screen camera if your mobile device has this function.
(2) Preferentially take photos with center focus if your mobile device has focus camera.
(3) Keep it away from fire and heat.
(4) If rubber sucker is stained with dust, rinse it for reuse.
(5) Do not scratch rubber sucker with sharp objects, or its service life will be affected.
Package Contents: 1* Telescope phone holder

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