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Is there an device for my 150mm Mak-Cas that will let me use Schmidt-Cas threaded filters and adapters?

I really need some help with this one.
I have a 150mm Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope that I'm having problems finding filters and camera adapters and the like to fit . There is a ton of stuff for the Schmidt- Cassegrain Telescope, but nothing more than Solar filters (I have found so far) that will fit my Maksutov-Cassegrain. I want to put Nebula and Light Pollution Filters plus many others on the back end threads of my Mac-Cas, but I'm having a diffucult time finding them.
Any help web site hints would be helpful and greatly appreciated
I would like to purchase these items new from a retailer with a warranty, therefore I'm not a big fan of E-Bay.
(Sorry e-bay fans)
Is there anything out there beisds the big three
(Orion, Meade & Celestron) that may carry this kind of gear?
Thak you for your help.
It is an Orion Mak-Cas 150 mm. I bought it abought a month ago.

Is this a Synta Mak-Cass (common brand names are Orion and SkyWatcher)? If so, there is probably a way of doing it, but it involves a fairly specialized adapter. I have friends who have done this with the Orion 127mm Mak-Cass. It was discussed on the Yahoo Group devoted to these scopes, which I no longer belong to.

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