Flask Pendant

Which of these wedding presents is better?

My friend is getting married in 2 weeks...she did not make a gift registry....she just wanted people to get what they wanted. I don't have much of a budget...I don't want to get her something for her house as he taste is SO specific and I know I will get it wrong...I thought of either making up a honeymoon basket with his n hers dressing gowns, a book of poetry, cups and saucers and hot chocolate and chocolates and something else....or getting him a hip flask or cuff links engraved with initials and the wedding date....and her a silver pendant...I know her jewelry style well....so which gift is better in your opinion? Gift basket or hip flask/cuff links and pendant?
Thank's that was my instinct! I wanted others opinions.

GIFT BASKET!!! That sounds lovely! I wish someone had thought to put that together for my honeymoon. The his n hers dressing gowns are enough of a present right there!

Let´s play Ishar 3 part 9 - Magic flask

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