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We know this is an optical device for astronomy telescopes but as it is unbranded and no markings as to it's purpose or application we can say we don't know for sure that this is. Looks like a focal reducer or some such but we just don't know. We thought it might be Takahashi or Vixen but that doesn't seem to be the case after taking input from the CloudyNights forum audience ("Anyone Recognize This Focal Reducer (Maybe)?").

No ID markings on it at all. Inside threads on the end that looks to be the end that accepts a camera or some such are 42mm (peak to peak) but NOT M42 Pentax thread. Likely the threads of whatever go into this will measure close to 43mm. I would think the threads would be designation 43mm.


Male threads on the other end that likely goes into the scope drawtube are 60mm.


Glass appears to be multi-coated, probably a singlet but might be a doublet (the edge of the element/group is not easy to see). Element/group is convex on the scope side, looks to be flat or nearly so on the camera side. 

If anyone can positively identify this with documentation please contact us. 


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