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Question for those who have a SINGLE FOCUS IOL?

I had one implanted last week. I can see a little nearsighted so i will still need distance glasses BUT I cannot read even with the most powerful reading glasses. NO READING GLASSES WORK I AM SUPER WORRIED! Did anyone else have this problem? What do I do? I don't want to wear binoculars for reading!!! or a magnifying glass!!!

The biggest problem after cataract lens replacement is exactly what you are experiencing. In about 4 more weeks you should be ready to have an exam to find out what you need. Many people end up with a decent difference in correction between both eyes, depending on what your correction was prior to the surgery. This results in one eye needing less or more than the other and the drug store readers have the same in both eyes. So one or the other is either over or under corrected. Even after you have a refraction, it may take you a bit to adjust to the lenses, depending on how different your eyes are now. Once you have the other eye done it should even out, but getting to that point can be a nuisance.


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