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From Adorama websiteBig objective lenses-in the 60mm and 80mm class-mean greater light gathering power for greater detail at a greater distance. Often they also mean two other things: greater weight and greater price. Fujinon shatters these preconceptions with the Super 60 Series and the Super 80 Series field scopes: they actually weigh less than many competing scopes with smaller objectives. And for the uncompromising clarity they deliver, they out-perform any scope at any price.

Because the objective lens is wide in diameter at 80 mm, it is clear and vivid. The design makes it both strong in construction and lightweight, so that it is easy to carry and won't weigh you down when you're hiking in the mountains. The focus knob lets you make fine focal adjustments, and is easy to operate even if you're wearing gloves, facilitating observation in cold weather. Parents convey the importance of consideration for natural life to their children. This is a field scope that you can pass on to the next generation with this thought in mind.

Easy-to-use Viewfinder-The Field Scope has a convenient viewfinder to help you find your target easily. You can set the target with the viewfinder before looking into the ocular lens. And because the viewfinder is close to the eyepiece, you can find your target accurately and quickly.

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