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Like new with all papers and original Pelican case. Battery compartment new. Binoculars clean.
Optics flawless. Works perfectly

100% waterproof, high power, binocular with
digital Image stabilization. It gives you rock steady images while you're
moving on water, land, or through the air. Designed for use in or on: - Power
Yachts - Sailboats Sport fisherman - Tugs - Service and Supply Vessels
Helicopters - Planes - Patrol Boats - Police Cars Commercial Fishing Boats -
Fire Boats - Barges SUVs and just about anything that floats, flies, or rocks
and rolls.

Features Dual piezo-vibration sensors and gyro
position sensors, computer-linked to direct drive motors, help you lock on to
subjects - even with both you and the subject in motion.

the world`s first internally stabilized binocular, Fujinon`s STABISCOPE, the
TECHNO-STABI utilizes a gimbaled frame with erecting prisms, but replaces a
single, heavy, costly and power-hungry high-speed gyro motor with two advanced,
direct-drive motors (much like those found in CID players and disk drives).
With no waiting period for the gyro to get "up to speed," image
stability is virtually instant and constant.

direct drive motor responds to its own piezo-vibration sensor and gyro position
sensor, - one set of sensors for for horizontal motion (AZIMUTH) and one for
the vertical ELEVATION). As the sensors detect any vibration or motion, the CPU
processes the incoming signals and initiates the direct drive motor response required
to make the necessary corrections. The result is smooth and seamless, allowing
rapid scanning both horizontally and vertically, without lags. And the
individual direct drive motors, operating only when needed, deliver greater
operating efficiency, reduced power consumption, and longer operating life.

of power, if you happen to have the TECHNOSTABI powered up, but do not use it
for one minute, it shuts itself off automatically.

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