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This GIANT 17.5” Dobsonian gathers greater light and shows faint sky objects that smaller scopes have no chance of seeing in dark skies. The mirror is clean and was collimated recently.

It comes with a 7 x 50mm Celestron finder scope that has illuminated cross hairs to zero in on celestial objects.

It comes with four  .965 Dia. Plossl Eyepieces.        

- TeleView 7.4mm for high power

- Tele View 13mm for best visibility at high power

- Tele View 21mm for higher power wide angle

- 30mm for widest angle view of large objects like the moon.                                  


Also included are 4 color filters to bring out details in planets, a moon shading filter and a skylight filter to filter sky haze.


This is a large, heavy scope weighing about 200 lbs. It is mounted on a platform with 4” hard rubber tires, making it easy to move from garage to concrete walks, driveways or even level grass. It can be carried to dark locations in a wagon like the Subaru Outback or small pickup.


This scope tilts and rotates on Teflon bearings. The focuser is a slide focuser.  These basic features allow this giant scope to be offered at a low price. Compare with large scopes costing thousands more.


It has a large 16” x 22” dust coverlid and moon  F. stop reduction opening.


This is NOT a motorized Scope and NOT for Astro photography.  It is for finding celestial objects from sky charts and observing objects directly.  It could be a great educational scope in a school program, scouting or YMCA camps.


A good Astronomy Star Atlas with detail sky charts should be used to take full advantage of this giant scope to locate nebula's, star clusters and galaxy’s, etc. Planets can be found with cell phone apps.


NOTE: With a larger eyepiece / focuser and larger 1.25” eyepieces, this scope will reveal spectacular views. (these are NOT included)

 This large scope is available only by purchaser pickup in Arizona.  No shipping is offered.

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