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GSO 1.25" Crayford Focuser for Newtonians & Dobsonians (7-9" tubes) 
This solid GSO Crayford focuser can transform your scope into a dream machine! The factory focuser is the weakest link in most imported scopes. Sticky grease, rough racks, shims and springs for crude adjustment, and bad feel are common. 
Bolt on our Crayford focuser and enjoy smooth operation, great feel and precise adjustability. The draw tube and unified compression ring visual back are machined from solid aluminum, clear anodized, and ride on precision bearings and a roller shaft. No grease or plastic glides! The 1/8" thick-wall drawtube is internally baffled and anti-reflection blackened. 
The bodies are black anodized machined aluminum and have tension and lock controls that adjust the focuser anywhere from a very light feel to fully locked. Whether it's a light eyepiece or a heavy camera, control is smooth and precise, with no image shift, backlash, stickiness or bumpy feel. 
Accepts 1.25" barrels, brass compression ring for retention. The curved base is 2.8" square with 4 mounting holes. Base curve is for 176mm diameter, works well with 7-9" diameter tubes. Minimum height (scope tube to eyepiece) is 3", minimum 4.9", 1.8" drawtube travel, weighs 15 oz. Focuser body can be set at a rotated angle in the base. Drawtune outer diameter is 1.8".
Listing is for ONE focuser. 
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